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The Horror Zine’s Book of Ghost Stories is delighted to present to you original, never before seen, spine-tingling tales from Bentley Little, Joe R. Lansdale, Elizabeth Massie, Graham Masterton with Dawn G. Harris, Tim Waggoner, and the very best up and coming writers in the genre. Includes a foreword by Lisa Morton. Find it HERE

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 HWA 4th Annual Librarians’ Day is Virtual & FREE!

Unfortunately, due to the continuance of the coronavirus pandemic, we have made the difficult decision to cancel the in-person program that was set to take place at the Naperville Public Library on Thursday, November 12, 2020.

However, we are excited to announce that HWA Librarians’ Day will be moving to a virtual format, and it will be completely free. All panels will be taped ahead of time and released on November 1 to the public through the HWA’s YouTube Page.

Throughout the month of November, our partner, the Adult Reading Round Table, will be moderating an asynchronous Q&A. Registered attendees will be provided with an E-mail address to pose their questions to the panelists.

Questions and their answers will be posted for attendees to access. All will be able to see the Q&A but only registered attendees will be able to ask questions.
Please go to

At that link you can register for the free event. While the event is geared toward library workers, we encourage all members to view the panels.

We would also like to thank our sponsors who have stuck with us: NoveList, LibraryReads, and Flame Tree Press.

There have been some panel changes from the planned live event. The new panels are as follows:

The Scary Truth About Horror Reviews (Sponsored by Cemetery Dance) – Featuring New York Times Book Review Horror Columnist Danielle Trussoni, Booklist and Library Journal Horror Reviewer Becky Spratford, and Cemetery Dance reviewer and owner of Night Worms Sadie Hartmann. Moderated by Ashley Rayner from the Chicago Public Library.

Horror and Libraries: A Not So Scary Partnership – Featuring Gillian Cargile-King from Northern Illinois University, Konrad Stump from Springfield-Greene [MO] County Library, Cathleen Keyser from Novelist and Gregg Winsor from Library Reads. Moderated by Lila Denning from the St. Petersburg [FL] Public Library.

Summer Scares 2020: How to Feature Horror for All Ages at Your Library – Featuring members of the Summer Scares Committee and the announcement of the 2021 Summer Scares Spokesperson.

The State of Horror Today: A Conversation – Featuring authors Daniel Kraus, Stephen Graham Jones, and Cina Pelayo. Moderated by Becky Spratford.

Meet Flame Tree Press – Editor Don D’Auria and Flame Tree Press authors John Everson, J.G. Faherty, J.H. Moncrieff, Melissa Prusi and Steven Hopstaken. Moderated by Emily Vinci of the Schaumburg Public Library.

Registration for this new FREE event can be found here:

The former event on EventBrite will be canceled and refunds have been issued.
Please E-mail Becky Spratford at with any questions.


The next StokerCon will be held May 20 – 23, 2021 in Denver, Colorado, USA.


home depot

Home Depot Now Has a Six-Foot Pennywise and Freddy Krueger

by Trey Hilburn III

What is your favorite Pennywise or Freddy Krueger line? Chances are one of the two gigantic six-foot Halloween decorations at Home Depot have one or two of those lines covered.

These dudes move their arms around and speak some of the famous phrases from their respective films.

The official Home Depot description goes like this:

This 6 ft. Halloween Animated Freddy Krueger and Pennywise is the perfect way to frighten your guests. This life-size character comes to life and speaks phrases from the movie. Sound and motion activated, it’s perfect for indoor decorating, outdoor decor and haunted houses– setting the perfect spooky mood. Disassembles quickly for easy storage.

  • Animated hands and speaker quotes movie phrases
  • Sound and motion activated
  • Perfect for parties and haunted houses.
  • Disassembles for easy storage

I’m all about these sorts of decorations. I have absolutely no room in my home anymore, but I’m still tempted. The idea of having a Fred Krueger in the house to give me smart ass phrases on tap is almost too much of a treasure to pass up .

To get one of these spooky dudes all up in your front yard, head over HERE for Freddy Krueger and over HERE for Pennywise.

See the article HERE



The internet’s scariest alternate reality game: The devil in New Jersey

by Susan Leighton

The devil is in New Jersey or at least that is what a scary new internet alternate reality game wants you to believe.

The devil has a residence and apparently, it’s in New Jersey. This past weekend, social media has been hooked on a scary new alternate reality game. We even tried it.

A mysterious post featuring a 908-area code telephone number has been making the rounds on Facebook. Random scraps of paper have been left all over various parts of the Garden State encouraging people to call it.

Most of the responses have ranged from people thinking that if you dial the digits you will get a call like in The Ring saying you have seven days to live to others cracking jokes about what could possibly happen. However, in reality, it is the beginning of a scavenger hunt of sorts.

After you call the number, you will hear a busy signal. That fades and then the next thing that happens is a man (who sounds an awful lot like Jeffrey Combs) comes on the line and asks the following eerie question, “Who is the grey man hungry for human flesh?”

This query references the notorious serial killer, Albert Fish a.k.a. “The Brooklyn Vampire.” If you aren’t familiar with his tale, it is a chilling and gruesome one. Fish, who was also known as “The Gray Man,” was a psychopath who lured unsuspecting children to their deaths and then cannibalized them. His life was made into a movie in 2007 starring Patrick Bauchau as the sadomasochistic murderer.

Once you answer correctly via text message, you will be prompted with a video link which takes you here. The film that plays is filled with ancient cartoons and footage of Valentine’s Day cards. Pay close attention to the end of the dialogue because listeners will be asked another question.

Okay, this one is tricky and took some research. It involves a man named Toby Rasputin who is a patient at the Trenton Psychiatric Hospital. He escapes the facility and then hotwires an old pick-up truck. Heading out to County Route 579, the voice asks what is the speed limit so that the fugitive can elude capture and make it to his destination undetected. 65 m.p.h. would be the answer.

Some astute players noticed that in a particular social media post, which can be found at this link, the person behind it is employed at The Basement Escape Room. Which has everyone wondering if this is an inventive advertising campaign for an upcoming virtual event?

If it is, then hats off to the marketing department at The Basement because this is inspired. Check out the following video which is a nice introduction to this haunting ARG.


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