The Horror Zine



Bentley Little, Joe R. Lansdale, Elizabeth Massie, Scott Nicholson, Joe McKinney, Susie Moloney, Scott Nicholson, Jeff Strand, Simon Clark, Taylor Grant and Eric J. Guignard among other talented people. On sale for only $2.99 kindle and $9.99 paperback HERE


Fiction for December 2021

Joe R. Lansdale

Nic Dracas

Gina Easton

Robb White


November 2021

Tim Waggoner

Christopher Nadeau

N.A. Bergeron

Joseph Buckley

October 2021

Lisa Morton

Garrett Rowlan

Marc Nocerino

Keith 'Doc' Raymond

September 2021

Graham Masterton

Dacre Stoker and Dr. Chris McAuley

Jessica Daly

William Couper

August 2021

JG Faherty

Dan A. Cardoza

Marlon S. Hayes

William Falo

July 2021

Yvonne Navarro

Roger Cowin

Michael Burke

Chris Stenson

June 2021

John Everson

Maureen O’Leary

Michael J. Moore

Timothy Wilkie

May 2021

Ramsey Campbell

Johanna Carter

Harman Burgess

John Mara

April 2021

Joe R. Lansdale

Tina Marlene Goodman

Logan Fourie

Ed Nobody

March 2021

Tamara Thorne and Alistair Cross

K. Marvin Bruce

Kristen Houghton

Harrison Kim

February 2021

Ramsey Campbell

Gina Easton

Theresa Jacobs

Eric Neher

January 2021

Nancy Kilpatrick

Kristen Houghton

Julio X. Palomino

Dan Rice
























































































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