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A Tale of the Salem Witch Trials

Full-length novel by Jeani Rector



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“An exciting and unflinching trip into a dark period of American history. I was really there with Ruth; trying to make sense of it all as the madness builds.” – Jeffrey L. Shipley, publisher of Tales of Blood and Roses

Accused: A Tale of the Salem Witch Trials

A new book from Jeani Rector



Witches! Ergot! Chase scenes! Hangings! And the weirdest court trials you could imagine.

ACCUSED: A TALE OF THE SALEM WITCH TRIALS. Historical fiction based upon actual events in 1692 Salem.


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If you lived in 1692 Salem, Massachusetts, what if you were accused of witchcraft? What would you do if you were singled out with false evidence, and your very life was at stake?

Accused: A Tale of the Salem Witch Trials is historical fiction; a novel based upon real events that turns into romance and treachery. Ruth Putnam lives in 1692 Salem, and she witnesses the mass accusations of witchcraft coming closer and closer…until it finally reaches her, and she is put on trial for her very life.

There have been many theories as to what triggered the hysteria during the Salem Witch Trials in 1692 Massachusetts. This is an episode in America’s early history that still fascinates the general public today. The Puritans’ deviation from what would seem to be logical beliefs and normal human behavior has been the subject of numerous attempts to explain why. Why did this happen? How did it get so out of hand?

This novel focuses upon the theory that tainted rye grain, infected with the ergot virus (which is a strong hallucinogen if ingested), may have been the original catalyst in an event of horrific magnitude that was the Salem Witch Trials.

Accused Jeani Rector