D.L. Cocchio has enjoyed writing stories since she was a child. She is the author of The Psychic Circle series for young adults to adults, and the Amulet series for middle-grade readers. She is fascinated by all things mystical and magical and incorporates these topics in all of her writing, much of it from her own experiences. Recently, she has been writing poetry, much of which deals with dark things like séances, candle magic, tarot cards, and psychic vampires.  

Her first novel, Be Careful What You Wish For (2003) and Magic by Moonlight are part of the Amulet Series. The Psychic Circle is a YA Paranormal Romance trilogy—Souls Entwined (Book 1), Magic Like That (Book 2), and Karma Like This (Book 3). The latter was just released in May 2023. The author has written one instructional non-fiction book, So You Wanna Read Tarot? 

D.L. Cocchio is a tarot teacher and also a paranormal investigator.



Beware of those you dread in life
Who seem to weaken you
By drawing strength from all your strife
In everything you do.

They thrive from all your pain,
Sucker punch, but you can’t see,
Then gain more life as they drain
Every ounce of your energy.

Always wear protection for
These evil, sucking beasts
An amulet, crystal, or more
To prevent becoming their feasts.

Call them all Soul Suckers,
Psychic Vampires, if you will,
As it’s not your blood they’re after
It’s your soul they try to kill.


Light a red candle for love
With some Basil and some Rose
Add some help from up above
Watch the feeling as it grows.

Light a green candle for health
Adding Sandalwood and Sage
Healing light infused for wealth
You won’t begin to feel your age.

Light a black candle for aid
If it’s protection that you seek
Add some Rosemary and Sage,
Frankincense is for the weak.

Light a yellow candle for the mind
For the knowledge you will need
Add Patchouli to the mix
And with this, you shall succeed.

Light a white candle to be pure
Anise and Lemon cleanse the heart
Some Lavender will ensure
Love and sweetness from the start.

Candle burning with intent
Can make your wishes come true
Being clear with what you meant
Brings the good things right to you.


Learn, my friends
Of the enlightenment you’ll receive
And the accomplishments you can achieve
By listening to your guides.

Hear, my friends
Of the wisdom of the ages,
With the Guidance of the Pages
In the deck of Tarot Cards.

Seek, my friends
For the laughter of the soul
And life’s lessons as a whole
To become a better charge.

Open, my friends
The arms that will embrace
When you finally find that place
Of  Zen within your heart.

Fear, my friends
Is something you must face,
In order to erase
The negative ties that bind.

Meditate, my friends
That you shall find the light
And it will shine so bright;
You won’t mistake the sign.

Be clear, my friends
When stating your intent
Exactly what you meant
And you will reap reward.

Be still, my friends
And you will hear the breeze,
With the messages you’ll receive,
To help you take control.

Master, my friends
Your life lessons to endure,
Learn them well, so you’ll be sure
You won’t repeat them once again.