Chris McAuley is a writer who specializes in the horror, science fiction, fantasy, western and crime genre. He is the co-creator of the popular StokerVerse, along with Bram Stoker’s great-grandnephew Dacre Stoker. He is also the co-creator of a science fiction and fantasy franchise with Babylon 5’s Claudia Christian called Dark Legacies. He is the lead writer on the latest Astroboy animated TV show. Chris is currently working on The Terminator film and game series, Star Trek and the Doctor Who franchise.

His work can be seen at www.dark-universes.com



There is a movement in the cold city streets.
A shadow which unfurls from the deeper darkness.
It stalks the pavement, longing to seduce, whispering lies of eternal love to those who will listen.

The creature's teeth come close to the man's neck.
Hot breath caresses the delicate hairs bringing shivers of anticipation to the victim.
Before the teeth pierce flesh, secrets are whispered.
A moan of dark lust borne of blood.
A love letter in scarlet splatters across the wall.

His presence is the ultimate promise from the world of night.
Forsake your divine soul and walk with him.
His blood union will bring you back to life again.
Opening your eyes to the darkness like a new-born.
See him now as his smile drips burgundy.
His teeth catching the gas light, sharp and white.


I need my medication.
My voice feebly cried.
As the never-ending darkness.
Once again lays me bare.
I have no place to hide.

I was brought here in a dream.
Promises of tea and biscuits.
Warm thoughts and beautiful moments.
Instead, I am beaten, my bones shattered and reset.
My mind set alight with the electric web.

Footsteps approach.
Hot legs in high heels.
The cell door opens.
From the manifested gloom, she appears.
A starched nurses uniform.
Hair wild and free.
Her twisted cackle as she looks at me.
Full of murderous glee.

A twisted face and gouged out eyes.
Stitched smile and caring guise.
In her hands she holds a syringe of dark blue.
In a moment she slams it into my eye.
I yell and scream and continue to cry.
It burns and stings.
My mind once again turns to wicked things.

Now with knife in hand I roam.
Peeking through your curtains.
Into your warm home.
The hearths embers are scarcely red.
The fire, like you.
Will soon be dead!


In the nucleus of chaos, Azathoth dreams,
Reality unravels in the dance of insanity.
A mindless god presides over the cosmic discord, Eternal chaos reigns, transcending all clarity.

Nuclear pandemonium swirls in delight,
Azathoth’s dream stretches into infinity.
In the court of the blind, where madness reigns,
Eternal discord unfolds, and sanity wanes.

Isis with grief and divine love.
Her hubris caused the fall of her kind.
Although she intended well.