Katherine Gethin

The January Editor's Pick Poet is Katherine Gethin

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The stars of night bring up the moon
Bright upon the walls.
Deep furrows rend the floors
Of a house I do not know.

I open doors and windows to find only a dark void awaiting me.
It creeps by night, though the days have ceased to be.

Tedium in a prison of panic
Dark tears and dark blood
Where did it come from
Why am I here

I find no answers in the dark
Only horrors best ignored
They scream to me from throats of ash and decay
Hidden beyond my reach, but still too near.

I am consumed by nothingness in my wasteland of blackness
Looking for voices to run away from.
Whether I was left or found,
Now I am alone.


I am
A seed that springs
From a thousand voices.

I am
The wind whips through my hair
Fills the sky with ash.

I am
Feet bloody
On the path I tread.

I am
A force
For insurrection.


Find me in the mist and snow
Let my heart of ice
Guide you.

Hear my song in a quiet place
A place where ghosts
Are safe.

Breathe deeply and take in
The smell of sulfur
And formalin.

Let the darkness close around you
Bear the weight of the universe
On your shoulders.

Listen to the footsteps
Cracking on ice—
It comes from beneath;
We come undone.

Katherine Gethin is an editor, writer, and astrophysicist living in San Antonio, Texas. She is the owner of Evensong Editing, which has been in business since 2010. She has ghostwritten five successful novels and is now working on her first novel and a poetry collection.