Anthony Crowley

The September Editor's Pick Poet is Anthony Crowley

Please feel free to email Anthony at: crowleycreations2013@gmail.com



A mystical awakened spectre
Conjured at the hour of twelve
Rune stoned dweller
Two tapered candles ablaze
Comforting of darkness she delves
Within the evil, an occultist maze

A lonesome witchery woman
Cloak and dagger in ritual hand
Giver of innocent blood
Arousing the demon
Carnal tempter
Screams multiplying
the testimonial bleed

Sermon upon sermon
Seduction of the wand
Spiritual caresses
Twilight dances
around the fire-filled crafted moon

Hungered and lost
Revelation markings within a heart
A mystifying scripture
Sacramental victim of the doomsday clock
Unholy terrors
The shrieking of the echoes
Countdown to zero
The beast is revealing
A cursed Gypsy with a sceptic eye
Long-lost tomorrow
Gates of Hell in waiting
Serpentine demon flying
An illuminated mourning
The heavens dying


Alone within a mental silence
a tearful memoir
etched upon a face
Celestial wings surrounding
Eternal imagery
Displayed upon the reaper’s mantelpiece

Muted with words
Mumbling a fearful thought
The opening of a lifetime note
Disguised drowning in crimson
The last supper from your bleeding throat

A journal of devils
Appraisals from your earthly bound sins
Mischievous orbs shall gather
The roads are paved in black
Strangulated whispers they call
The welcoming from your dying last breath


Anthony Crowley (born 1979, Birmingham in U.K) began to take an interest in English literature and poetry from as young as age six. Throughout his teenage years, he studied music and song-writing while still creating his visions. He achieved a diploma in creative writing in Oxford, England.

He has written short stories for student newsletters, horror monthlies and he is also a proud member of the Horror Writers Association (HWA). He appears on the ‘A List’ of the IDPA (International Directory of Published Authors), and in the NFAA (Non Fiction Authors Association).

Today Anthony is a featured contributor to Haunted after Dark with his very own dark haven of “Crowley’s Crypt” and has written many works of literature and poetry for publications such as Massacre Magazine, Sanitarium, HelloHorror, Sub-Verse and Fiction Terrifica. He has also appeared as an official Judge for the British Horror Film Festival 2014 and recently his forthcoming anthology of horror tales Doomsday after Midnight is nominated at the AuthorsdB Book Awards 2014.

Anthony has published Tombstones, an anthology of dark verse, and soon the new paperback edition of The Black Diaries—Volume One, a short anthology of dark fiction and poetic verse.