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"Read it. Liked it." -- Joe R. Lansdale

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I have seen the future of horror—and so has Jeani Rector. In fact, she’s publishing it. Amazing stuff -- Bentley Little, author of The Disappearance and The Haunted

The Horror Zine is one of the very best horror sites online.-- Graham Masterton, author of Blind Panic and the Manitou Series

The Horror Zine is a gloriously rich feast of images and text. Truly a banquet of delights for the discerning horror fan.-- Simon Clark, author of Whitby Vampyrrhic

A terrific zine of horrific delights!-- Tom Piccirilli, author of Shadow Season

The Horror Zine is always packed with the best in horror of all kinds. -- Ed Gorman, author of the Sam McCain Mystery Series

The Horror Zine is a great online magazine that recognizes good work by new and established writers. I think highly of it. -- Joe R. Lansdale, author of The Bottoms and the Hap and Leonard Series

The Horror Zine is the genre's Ground Zero where horror legends merge with the talents of tomorrow. -- Scott Nicholson, author of The Red Church

Short fiction is the beating, bloody heart of the horror genre, and The Horror Zine has consistently presented startling and superb short stories, poetry and art. -- Lisa Morton, multiple Bram Stoker Award-winning author and co-editor of Hallow's Eve

The Horror Zine

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The word Zine is pronounced ZEEN and is short for MAGAZINE.

The Horror Zine is a monthly ezine that produces new issues the first of every month. The Horror Zine also produces anthology books and a quarterly print magazine.

The Horror Zine was started in July of 2009 by founder and editor Jeani Rector. It was an instantaneous hit world-wide and now receives around 100,000 hits every month.

The Horror Zine's Mission Statement: To support and promote writers, poets, and artists.

The members of our staff:

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Bruce Memblatt, Kindle Coordinator HERE

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The Horror Zine will be or has been a sponsor of and/or an advertiser with the following events:

The Stoker Convention 2018. Providence Rhode Island, May 2018
The World Horror Convention 2015, Atlanta Georgia, May 2015
The World Horror Convention 2014, Portland Oregon, May 2014
The World Horror Convention 2013, New Orleans Louisiana, June 2013
FantasyCon 2012, Brighton England, October 2012
KillerCon4 2012, Las Vegas Nevada, September 2012
The Alt. Fiction Festival 2011, Derby QUAD England, June 2011
The World Horror Convention 2011, Austin Texas, April-May 2011
The Alt. Fiction Festival 2010, Derby QUAD England, June 2010
The World Horror Convention 2010, Brighton England, March 2010
The Women in Horror Convention, San Francisco California, Feb 2010

Editor Jeani Rector is an Active Member of The Horror Writers Association

Jeani won an award for Best Magazine Editor in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017 HERE

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The Horror Zine


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