The Horror Zine



Seville’s death has a second act. Shortly after his burial, he appears as a ghost in front of Zeb and says he was set on fire not accidentally—as officially ruled—but deliberately, murdered by person or persons unknown. Find this literally haunting novel HERE

The Horror Zine

Poetry for March 2018 

Claire T. Feild

Mathias Jansson

Joseph V. Danoski


February 2018 

Richard Stevenson

Wesley D. Gray

Kevin Holton

January 2017 

Katherine Gethin

Robin Whitehead

John Grey

December 2017 

Christopher Hivner

Linda M. Crate

Milenko Županović

November 2017 

Eliana Gradishar

Brian Fanelli

Ace G. Pilkington

Paul Sohar

October 2017 

Norbert Hirschhorn

D.J. Tyrer

Unearthly Demagogue

September 2017 

Tony Daly

Christopher Hivner

Lori R. Lopez

Stephanie Smith

August 2017 

Edmund Stone

Eve Dobbins

Ashby McGowan

Robert Beveridge

July 2017 

Teresa Frazee

John Frazee

Charles Gramlich

Denny E. Marshall

June 2017 

Emily Jones

David Subacchi

Mathias Jansson

May 2017 

Tamara Lakomy

Fred R. Kane

Angel Zapata

April 2017 

Dennis Bagwell

Robin Whitehead

Claire T. Feild











































































Pestilence Rector


The original end-of-the-world story HERE








































































































































Diabolik Plague