The Horror Zine


it's over

It’s the beginning of the end, and the people of earth have no idea what’s coming their way. The devil has been planning this since his days in the Garden of Eden. Finally, his plans are coming to fruition. What he hadn’t counted on, though, was the free will his mortal pawns were given. And they’re not going to go so gently.

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The Horror Zine

Poetry for December 2018 

Jon Benham

Samael Apollos

Marc Carver


November 2018 

Mathias Jansson

John Siney

Fred R. Kane

October 2018 

Sara Tantlinger

Dusty Davis

Saloni Kaul

September 2018 

Sarah Ann Watts

Norbert Hirschhorn

Ron Larson

Chad Haskins

Lenore S. Beadsman

August 2018 

Claire T. Feild

Linda M. Crate

Eliana Gradishar

J Snow

July 2018 

Jorge B. Valdes, Jr.

DJ Tyrer

Marc Carver

June 2018 

Josh Darling

Meg Smith

Michael Bates

May 2018 

Dennis Bagwell

Emily Jones

Ed Blundell

Alexis Child

April 2018

Maria DePaul

Daniel G. Snethen

Ron Larson

March 2018 

Claire T. Feild

Mathias Jansson

Joseph V. Danoski

February 2018 

Richard Stevenson

Wesley D. Gray

Kevin Holton

January 2018 

Katherine Gethin

Robin Whitehead

John Grey




















































































Pestilence Rector


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Diabolik Plague