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blink of an eye

No matter if your taste is for pathos or the ghastly, stark terror or dark humor, In the Blink of a Wicked Eye is certain to please even the most unusual appetite for horror or fantasy. Find this exciting book HERE

The Horror Zine

Poetry for March 2017 

J. M. Cozzoli

D.L. Dioses

Linda M. Crate


February 2017 

Autumn Lala

Daniel G. Snethen

Ron Larson

January 2017 

Tausha Johnson

Jeremy Thompson

Anton Cancre

Ryan Griffin

December 2016 

Robert Beveridge

D.L. Dioses

Wesley D. Gray

Jean Jones

November 2016 

Jessica Amanda Salmonson

Denny E. Marshall

Claire T. Feild

Linda M. Crate

October 2016 

Scott Urban

Christopher Hivner

Ron Larson

Milenko Županović

September 2016 

Anthony Crowley

Claire T. Feild

Laura Chowanski

Timothy C. Hobbs

August 2016

 Ron Russman

Erric Emerson

David M. Hoenig

July 2016

 Nick Romeo

Joseph V. Danoski

Ed Blundell

June 2016

 Carina Bissett

Jason Constantine Ford

Ace G. Pilkington

May 2016

 D. L. Dioses

John Grey

Michael McArthur

Brian Rosenberger

April 2016

 Denny Marshall

Kyle Hemmings

Claire T. Feild

Norbert Gora































































Pestilence Rector


The original end-of-the-world story HERE
















































































































Diabolik Plague