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Fiction for July 2018

Susie Moloney

William D. Carl

Victoria Dalpe

Julia Benally


June 2018

Nancy Kilpatrick

Aaron White

Anne Breen

John Siney

May 2018

Jeff Strand

Joseph Rubas

Logan Fourie

Timothy Wilkie

Rie Sheridan Rose

April 2018

Graham Masterton

Rick McQuiston

Julia Benally

Kent Rosenberger

March 2018

P.D. Cacek

Tyler Munro

Julio X. Palomino

Erica Rothert

February 2018

Ramsey Campbell

David F. Shultz

Malcolm Laughton

Gary Robbe

January 2018

Joe McKinney

Morgan K. Tanner

Dusty Davis

Brandon Gulling

December 2017

Piers Anthony

Kristen Houghton

Russell J. Dorn

Steve Carr

November 2017

Deborah LeBlanc

Brian J. Smith

Michael D. Nye

Timothy Wilkie

John Michael Osborne

October 2017

Lisa Morton

Aaron J. French

Justin Boote

Neal Privett

Charles Tillerman

September 2017

Simon Clark

Katie Marie

Joseph Rubas

David Draper

Gerald E. Sheagren

August 2017

P.D. Cacek

Ariana Carlson

Shawn P. Madison

Donald Glass

















































something stirs

Some houses are only haunted...this one is worse: In the tradition of Shirley Jackson's The Haunting of Hill House, this is the first novel of its kind for the Christian market. Available now HERE