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Fiction for August 2017

P.D. Cacek

Ariana Carlson

Shawn P. Madison

Donald Glass


July 2017

Jeani Rector

Dean H. Wild

Christian A. Larsen

Bruce Memblatt

Liz McAdams

Jonathan Chapman

Aspen deLainey

June 2017

Nancy Kilpatrick

James Ward Kirk

Justin Boote

Geoff Nelder

Peter Ferguson Swarr

May 2017

Tim Lebbon

Nina Shepardson

Dominick Nole

Jorge B. Valdes, Jr.

April 2017

Tamara Thorne

Jeff Parsons

Julio X. Palomino

Theresa Ann Braun

March 2017

Graham Masterton

John Siney

Justin Guleserian

Jeffrey B. Burton

February 2017

Joe R. Lansdale

Konstantine Paradias

A.P. Miller

Matt Hayward

January 2017

Brent Monahan

Julio X. Palomino

Serena Johe

Timothy Wilkie

December 2016

Piers Anthony

Shawn P. Madison

Shannon M. Metcalf

James Kidd

November 2016

Stephen Gallagher

Kristen Houghton

Jack Halliday

Steve Toase

October 2016

Lisa Morton

Malcolm Laughton

Gary Power

Jim Mountfield

September 2016

Greg F. Gifune

Neal Privett

D.C. Phillips

Christina Marie

Joseph Rubas






































something stirs

Some houses are only haunted, this one is worse: In the tradition of Shirley Jackson's The Haunting of Hill House, this is the first novel of its kind for the Christian market. Available now HERE