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Fiction for February 2019

Richard Chizmar

Rekha Ambardar

Leslie D. Soule

Geoff Nelder


January 2019

Piers Anthony

Julio X. Palomino

Kristen Houghton

Malcolm Laughton

December 2018

Jeff Strand

Greg Jenkins

James Kidd

J.B. Toner

John Stephens

November 2018

Tim Waggoner

Justin Boote

Garrett Rowlan

Kenneth Wise

October 2018

Lisa Morton

Eric Neher

S.C. Rumble

Andy Rausch

September 2018

Graham Masterton

Rob Bliss

Amanda Leigh

Jim Mountfield

August 2018

Dawn G. Harris

Kenneth O’Brien

Mark Towse

Barry McCann

Timothy Wilkie

July 2018

Susie Moloney

William D. Carl

Victoria Dalpe

Julia Benally

June 2018

Nancy Kilpatrick

Aaron White

Anne Breen

John Siney

May 2018

Jeff Strand

Joseph Rubas

Logan Fourie

Timothy Wilkie

Rie Sheridan Rose

April 2018

Graham Masterton

Rick McQuiston

Julia Benally

Kent Rosenberger

March 2018

P.D. Cacek

Tyler Munro

Julio X. Palomino

Erica Rothert























































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