Ron Russman

The August Editor's Pick Poet is Ron Russman

Please feel free to email Ron at: d40194@gmail.com



Hello old friend
I feel you again
You sit nearby and watch me suffer
place your invisible hand on my shoulder
puff on your pipe
and grimace when I fail
shake your head
smile at my foibles
feel pride when I win
When I call out to you
You never answer
just wait
simply wait
waiting for what?
What good are you?
What wisdom have you offered?
I know, I know
At least I’m not alone
Someday we’ll talk …


Sparkle softly
Drifting slow
Dancing through the rocks below
Lazy swirl
Rushing flow
Nurtured by the melting snow
She’ll go on and on
I know
Mountain daughter
River mother
Flowing to the sea
She rides the sun
Feeds the clouds
And comes falling back to me


The ice wind is crying
With fast frozen tears
The roses lay dying
We face our fears
They fall upon all the living things
Those bitter frigid stinging wings
Casting a mockery of life
With icy blue hands
She freezes the land
The cold, it cuts like a knife!
Monster of beauty
Siren of light
Crackling crushing beast of the night
All of the branches in clear glassine case
Transforming slowly to crystalline lace
Remember each day
We sit locked away
From the warm motherland that we love
She is holding her breath
The land looks like death
The ice fits around like a glove
Time is abated
Frozen in place
The heat of the sun
Reflects into space!

Ron Russman’s first big adventure was learning to fly. During the Vietnam conflict he served in the USN Submarine Service. From scuba diving in Caribbean coral caves to climbing mountains in Wyoming, his sense of adventure and love of nature inspires his writing. He is a recent grad from Neumann University at the tender age of 62 and has started another adventure in the deserts of southern New Mexico searching for Spanish gold.

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