Mark Noy

All of the artwork on this page has been created by Mark Noy who is our August Featured Artist

Please feel free to email Mark at: mark88.n@gmail.com

mark noy



clock forest

urban jungle

shedding skin



Mark Noy is a Dutch artist living near the historical city of Nijmegen. He draws fantastical landscapes and scenery, usually with themes of medieval fantasy and nature. He uses a dip pen and ink, or a tablet and Photoshop to make interesting fantasy worlds.

He is mostly inspired by the world around him, but a lot of inspiration also comes from games that focus alot on worldbuilding and atmosphere. From bright and colorfull games like Rayman, to dark and moody games like Dark Souls. Games can make you travel to imaginary worlds and interact with them in a unique way. A theme that is persistent in most of his drawings is the combination of realism and fantasy. It can be hard to imagine a world that is purely fantastical, and drawing purely realistic scenes can be a bit dull. So taking a realistic world and making it a bit strange and twisted is very interesting.

What he likes most about drawing is that you can communicate things that are difficult to put into words. A picture can give you complex feelings just by looking at it. That is why he loves it when he can inspire others to do something creative, or at least make them travel to another world for a while.  

You can see more from him HERE