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Anna Pitkänen

All of the artwork on this page has been created byAnna Pitkänen who is our April Editor's Pick Artist

Please feel free to email Anna at: annasuvi@gmail.com



red veil





Anna Pitkänen is a language teacher, but she is aiming to be a writer or a comic artist in the future. Those were her dreams when she was five years old and they still are very important goals for her, because both of her parents are professional artists in Finland.

She was born in Lahti in 1990 and her father was so happy to have her that he used to walk every single day to the hospital just to see her and her mum. Back then, visitors were not allowed to stay in the hospitals overnight, and Anna's father didn't have a car. Like most artist families, they were kinda broke, so if her dad wanted to see them, he had to walk over 30 kilometers to reach the hospital and get back home again.

A few years later Anna's family moved to a small town called Kitee and she went to school there. Her home was quite a mess and they had to renovate it a lot. She still remembers when her ground school teacher said (laughing) to her class that none of us big kids -- they were about 8-10 years old -- are sleeping with their parents anymore. Anna couldn't help but blush because in her house, there was only one bed and she, her sister and her baby brother were all sleeping in there with their parents. She finally got a room of her own when she was ten or so. 

When she was 15, she moved with a friend to live in Savonlinna and graduated from the secondary school of art and music. After seeing how her parents struggled with money, she wanted to get an education that would back here up a little bit financially, so she went to Helsinki University and studied Finnish language and literature. 

Today Anna has different personal projects related to art and writing, and she works here and there as a Finnish language teacher. As for hobbies, she studies foreign languages, watches animated movies and listens to a wide variety of music; or takes special care of her pet kitty (she's a naughty old granny and very capable of doing all kinds of mischief!).

Anna is 26 years old and hoping for the future to be bright. If one is interested in her art, her nicknames are Agina (Deviantart) and CatnipCarnival (Tumblr). 

You can see more of Anna's art HERE