Benjamin Huber was born in a small town outside of Boston, Massachusetts. At a young age, he discovered Edgar Allen Poe, which fueled his passion for the macabre. Ben has several articles and poems published online and is currently working on his first collection of bone-chilling short stories.



Darkness creeping, silence deep,
A shiver down my spine does seep.
Eerie whispers in the air,
Unseen eyes that always stare.

Footsteps sound but no one's there,
My heart races, filled with fear.
Shadows dance upon the wall,
Echoes of a distant call.

Cold and clammy, my palms sweat,
Terror grips me, can't forget.
A presence lurking in the night,
Ready to pounce, to take a bite.

My mind races, thoughts unclear,
What horrors wait for me here?
I try to run, but can't escape,
Trapped in this nightmare, without a break.

The darkness closes in around,
My screams and cries make not a sound.
Lost forever, in this frightful place,
Haunted by demons, without a trace.


As I walked down the lonely lane,
The night sky dark, the air so still,
A chill ran down my spine again,
As if I was not alone, but in for a thrill.

The trees loomed large on either side,
Their twisted branches reaching out,
Whispering secrets that they hide,
As I walked on, without a doubt.

The moon was full, its pale light,
Casting eerie shadows on the ground,
Shapes that seemed to come to life,
As if they were watching all around.

The wind picked up, a mournful howl,
As if the spirits were taking flight,
My heart began to race, my mind to scowl,
As I sensed a presence, hidden from sight.
I quickened my pace, my feet in flight,
Desperate to escape the feeling of dread,
But the walk seemed to stretch on in spite,
As if the path ahead was not yet read.

And then I saw it, in the distance ahead,
A figure looming in the pale moonlight,
Its shape unclear, but filling me with dread,
As I knew that I was in for a fright.

I turned and ran, my heart in my throat,
As the figure chased me down the lane,
Its footsteps close, its breath a moat,
As if it was trying to drive me insane.

And as I stumbled out of the lane,
Into the safety of a well-lit street,
I knew that I would never again,
Walk down that creepy, haunted meet.


In the darkness, all alone,
I hear the creaking of the bones,
Of the house that I call home,
But tonight, it feels like a catacomb.

Shadows dance upon the walls,
Whispers echo down the halls,
I feel a chill, my heart appalls,
As fear within me crawls.

Footsteps on the stairs I hear,
Yet nobody is drawing near,
The sound grows louder, fills my ear,
I’m paralyzed by mounting fear.

A cold breath brushes past my face,
I turn around, but see no trace,
Of the terror in this place,
That haunts me without any grace.

The clock strikes midnight, oh so loud,
My heartbeat quickens, I'm not proud,
Of my terror, my screams, so loud,
But I can’t help it, I’m endowed.

With fear and terror, so immense,
A ghostly presence, so intense,
I try to run, but lose my sense,
As the horror takes its chance.

In the darkness, all alone,
I’m trapped in terror, not my own,
And I can’t escape this horror throne,
As I scream into the unknown.