John Frazee

The August Editor's Pick Poet is John Frazee

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Is it possible to actually own a garden?
Water may come out of your tap but it's really not yours
On what grounds and in what court do you present such a case?
You might just have a claim if some sweat came out of your pores

What parts of this do you think you possess or feel you should?
Those seeds did not magically appear out of thin air
The earth supplies the soil yet you’ve hardly scratched the surface
You can’t just erect a fence anytime or anywhere

While acquiring everything as child kings often do
They stumble across beauty in their ignorant way
The large size of your wallet has little influence here
You can't purchase perfection, no matter how much you pay

You can no longer own a garden than you could a soul
The sun is very generous but will not sell you more
One can never possess something that cannot be possessed
Plan as you might you never know what nature, has in store


As you enter a room everything changes, heads turn, all eyes are on you
You must feel the world revolves around you, let us bring this thought some clarity
This is your perception not others, the world was here long before you arrived
It’s crucial to have everyone love you, so you thrive on popularity

Have you ever been alone, not just in the shower, I mean really alone?
How would you hold up without the support of this club you call society?
Without the knowledge that someone, somewhere existed and knows you exist
Then you can imagine the sensation of being a singularity

A singularity, one of a kind, nothing on your left, nothing on your right
Being that alone, isolation becomes a frightening possibility
You may achieve a level of greatness, but alas who would know, who would care?
In this lonely place there may be quality but certainly not quantity


Starting at this point in space and time it seems so simple
It’s well known, all journeys begin with the best of intent
Reaching the top is exhilarating, monumental
Once you look back, it is after all about the ascent

You sit there trying to comprehend your accomplishments
Breathe in the sense of achievement with the rarefied air
You are not the first and won’t be the last, yet here you stand
Why you might ask? As Hillary once said, “Because it’s there”

As they say, failure only befalls those who never try
So many who started out have fallen by the wayside
Tell me to what end does all this hard work ever pay off
Your reward is you get to see what lurks on the far side

How does one face such a sight and not pine to reach its peak
Can one settle for a life in which this climb was not made?
This may not be your last chance, then again it might just be
Can you live in a world in which you never make the grade?

John Frazee resides in Boynton Beach, FL, USA (temporarily). He also resides under the impression—like the infinite number of monkeys at the infinite number of type-writers—
That someday he will accidentally create something worthwhile. He relies on you humans to evaluate the results of this experiment.

John has been published in Skyline magazine, OMNI magazine, The Horror Zine, Twice the Terror, The Horror Zine Anthology, Death Head Grin Anthology, My Word Wizard, Aphelion, StoryMania , The Horror Zine Magazine, The Original Van Gogh’s Ear, Dangerous Poets Collective, Blood Moon Rising, Black Petals, Inner Sins, The Creativity Webzine and Twisted Sister Lit Mag.