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Remember the 1985 film MASK starring Cher and Eric Stoltz?


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"Rocky" from the 1985 film MASK, played by Eric Stotlz

Eric Stoltz

The "real" Rocky

rocky dennis

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Paget's Disease sometimes affects the legs


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What is Paget's Disease? In the skull, it is sometimes known as Craniodiaphyseal dysplasia (also known as CDD or lionitis).

Paget's disease of bone or Paget disease of bone (rhymes with "gadget") is a chronic disorder that can result in enlarged and misshapen bones. Paget's is caused by the excessive breakdown and formation of bone, followed by disorganized bone remodeling. This causes affected bone to weaken, resulting in pain, misshapen bones, fractures and arthritis in the joints near the affected bones.

The cause of Paget's disease is unknown. It may be due to genetic factors or a viral infection early in life.

The disease occurs worldwide, but is more common in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.

In people with Paget's disease, there is an abnormal breakdown of bone tissue in specific areas. This is, followed by abnormal bone formation. The new area of bone is larger, but weaker. The new bone is also filled with new blood vessels.

The affected bone may only be in one or two areas of the skeleton, or throughout the body. It more often involves bones of the arms, collarbones, leg, pelvis, spine, and skull.

Most people with the condition have no symptoms. Paget's disease is often diagnosed when an x-ray is done for another reason. It may also be discovered when trying to find the cause of high blood calcium levels.

If they do occur, symptoms may include:

  • Bone Pain, joint pain or stiffness, and neck pain (the pain may be severe and present most of the time)
  • Bowing of the legs and other visible deformities
  • Enlarged head and skull deformities
  • Fracture
  • Headache
  • Hearing loss
  • Reduced height
  • Warm skin over the affected bone

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Who was Doctor Paget?

james paget

James Paget, 1870

Sir James Paget, 1st Baronet (11 January 1814 – 30 December 1899) was an English surgeon and pathologist who is best remembered for Paget's disease[1] and who is considered, together with Rudolf Virchow, as one of the founders of scientific medical pathology. His famous works included Lectures on Tumours (1851) and Lectures on Surgical Pathology (1853). While most people recall Paget's disease refers to bone, two other diseases were also named after him: Paget's disease of the nipple (a form of intraductal breast cancer spreading into the skin around the nipple), and extramammary Paget's disease. Also named for him is Paget's abscess

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