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Dale Kaczmarek from The Ghost Research Society has investigated over 4,100 locations in the past 45 years in the field and has seen and analyzed thousands of photographs.

About the Ghost Research Society

    The Ghost Research Society was formed as a clearing house for reports of ghosts, hauntings, poltergeist and life after death encounters. The society members actively research and investigate all reports that come their way including private homes and businesses. The society also analyzes alleged spirit photographs, video and audio tapes that they come across from ordinary people or society members.

Below are some of the photos that the Ghost Research Society has chosen as plausible to be real


This picture was taken by the husband of the woman in the picture on a sunny afternoon with ordinary print film. They had just moved into their new home in Chicago, Illinois. In the window to the left of them clearly shows a older woman with her hair put up in a bun and a bulldog next to her. There was no one in the house at the time of the picture taking.


This photograph was by Jackie Rhame of Florian, Alabama during a visit to a Six Flags Great America Amusement Park in Arlington, Texas. It clearly shows a semi-transparent figure of a little boy in the grass dressed in a red sweater with a white collar or shirt. The camera was a C- 126 and it was misting rain and humid outside. She was simply taking a picture of the Texas Giant.


A black and white infrared picture taken at Hull House in downtown Chicago, Illinois by Dale Kaczmarek in November of 1980. This is enlarged blowup of the interior staircase of this most haunted house in Chicago. There was nothing visible to the naked eye when the photograph was taken but what appears are four distinct shadowy monk-like figures standing on the bottom four or five steps. The one directly in the middle appears to be dressed in monk's habit with his two hands together in prayer. There are two other figures to the left of the center monk and one to the right superimposed on the banister which apparently has no head.


This photograph was taken with an old-styled Polaroid land camera in 1959 at a location on north Damen Ave. which no longer exists. It shows a real girl standing on the stairs and this strange mist-like substance which seems to be exuding from her stomach region and collecting along the entire stairway. Some parts are translucent while others seem visually opaque. This may be a psychic photograph; in other words ectoplasm being produced by a living person. Externalization of thought.

Additional new information: A recent email from the person in the picture sheds more light on this most unusual picture.

"My parents had bought a real old Mansion that had been turned into a roomy house at that time. The rooming house was located on Damen Ave across the street from Wicker Park in Chicago. There were all kinds of stories about things in that old Mansion. Someone had hung themselves in the basement a long time before we bought the Mansion. The basement had a dirt floor it was so old. The dress I was wearing was found in a old trunk in the basement. It had been left there by a women who did an old vaudeville act. My mother used to let me play with lots of old stuff that I found in that old building. There were secret passages, going from a room to another room. It was a very interesting place to live."


This picture was taken by Chris Payne of Woodbridge, New Jersey at the Gettysburg National Battlefield in 1988. The camera used was a simple 110 Instamatic with a flash around dusk. Next to Terri Payne and by the wheel of the cannon can clearly be seen a strange bluish white mist. No other picture on the roll displayed anything similar in configuration. Closer examination seems to indicate a face within the fog. It was not visible to the naked eye.


A floating orb in Mt. Thabor Cemetery, northern Illinois. This picture was taken with a Polaroid camera at about 10pm and shows a small orb apparently floating just above the ground near an old marble monument. The camera was pointed away from the roadway and any reflective surfaces.

We can't be 100% sure that this wasn't a natural phenomena such as a bug, insect or dust particle. 99.9% of orb photographs have natural explanations. Photo by Dale Kaczmarek, June 1998.


Agate Cemetery near Trout Creek, Michigan. Taken by John Cachel, GRS Patron Member, in the late evening on July 4, 1998. There was no one in the cemetery and it was about a half mile from the main road. The shooting light seems to make a curve to turn around the large tombstone. 35mm film taken at 1/360th of a second.


My wife and daughter were watching a Travel Channel special on haunted places in the US. The Brown Palace Hotel was one of the places that was documented on the program. We were going to Denver in June and my wife suggested that we check this place out. Well, me being skeptical and all said jokingly if we found the place maybe we could get a picture of an orb or something.

When we arrived in Denver on June 19, 2005 I picked up a rental car and asked where this Hotel was and they said pointing down the street at some flags that that was it. Now I was committed to going. I took 3 pictures outside and 12 pictures inside.

When taking the pictures I did not observe anything unusual. We got home on June 22 and before going to bed I downloaded all my pictures from my camera. I use a Kodak Easy Share CX6445 camera. We then viewed the pictures and to our amazement we saw the picture that I have sent you. I have no clue as to what this is. The ships in the window behind the object are not distorted and I do not believe it to be a reflection. The object goes beyond the window into the molding area at the bottom. The only conclusion I can come up with is that it is a GHOST!!! I now am a believer!

You do have my permission to post this photo on your web site if you would like.

Regards, Robert E. Brown


A Toys 'R Us located in Sunnyvale, California was the scene of inexplicable events such as items falling off shelves, strange feelings by employees, cold spots and other strange paranormal happenings. The story made it's way to a television show called "That's Incredible" hosted by Fran Tarkenton, Kathy Lee Crosby and John Davidson. They contacted a local California psychic, Sylvia Brown and professional photographers to document a séance in the store. Using both infrared and high-speed film, a photographer from Alpha Labs took simultaneous pictures of the empty isle where Brown was attempting to contact the presence of Johnny Johnston, a young boy in love with a local girl. He bled to death after a farm accident and it's thought that his ghost now haunts the store's location. One infrared shot taken clearly shows a young man leaning against a counter with his hands in his pockets. It did not show up on the high-speed film taken at precisely the same instant.


This is a photograph that was taken by a friend's son. Adam was working for a roofing outfit from Tremont, Illinois Koch Construction. He snapped this photograph with his camera phone. The story he told me was that they were hired to roof the house by the new owners. According to him, the lady who lived there had passed away nearly three months before. They had been working on the house for two days and had seen no one there. I know the picture looks suspicious but Adam isn't one to lie to me. -- Dale


From their website: St. David's "Built upon the site of St. David's 6th century monastery, St. David's Cathedral has been a site of pilgrimage and worship for many hundreds of years and remains a church serving a living community. This community is represented not only by the people of the parish of St. David's but by all who find peace in this place of prayer and devotion."

St. David's Cathedral is called the holiest place in Wales. The Cathedral in the city of St. David's (the smallest city in Britain), houses the patron saint of Wales' bones, St. David and the holiday is celebrated on March 1st.

This picture was taken very early afternoon (between noon and 1pm on February 22, 2006) on a Sony DCR-PC120E PAL (video/photo combination Handycam.) It was a cold, cloudy day, and the clouds obscured the sun. The picture before and after did not contain anything strange. Picture taken by Simon Eastop.