Mathias Jansson

The March Featured Poet is Mathias Jansson

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I was born as the seventh son
of the seventh son
and on the third cycle
of my seventh year
I had to leave home
to seek my fortune alone

I took hire on a fishin gboat
leaving the coast of west Ireland
when a terrible storm
drifted us off course
and on the seventh day
a mysterious island
emerged from the fog
an island in the sea
where no island should be

We had to seek shelter
on the barren beach
covered with black lava stones
and white skeleton parts
of unknown beasts

We found remains of a lost civilisation
ruins of buildings and structures
and a steep stair leading us
to the mountain’speak

In the extinct volcano crater
stood an altar of green stone
engraved with an ancient celtic hymn
a dedication to Cthylla
the secret daughter of Cthulhu
waiting to be reborn
as her father

But our presence must have disrupted
the fragile balance of the sacred place
we could feel the mountain
awake under our feet
trembling and rumbling

With fear for our life
We ran dowe to our boat
leaving the island behind
exploding in a fierce eruption

When I looked back
I swear on my mother’s grave
a horrible sight I saw
from the ashes and fire
a giant creature raised
its tentacled head.


I walk the desert
dragging my rusty chains
in dead and sterile soil
a cloud of flies
follow my trail

My heart is a cold stone
but in my hands I bear
the flames of nine hells

My soul is a home
for  thousands of demons
screaming in pain and agony
thousands of ghouls
melted to form a human body

Cursed by king Solomon
put under a spell
I am an imprisoned demon
an expelled princeof hell

But time will break my chains
age will crumble my prison
death will set mefree
and once again
I will spread my black wings
from heaven down to hell

You will see me coming
like a hurricane
a tsunami
and feel my present
as a trembling earthquake
called Armagedon.

Mathias Jansson is a Swedish art critic and horror poet. He has been published in magazines as The Horror Zine, Dark Eclipse, Schlock and The Sirens Call. He has also contributed to over 100 different horror anthologies from publishers as Horrified Press, James Ward Kirk Fiction, Source Point Press, Thirteen Press, etc. 

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