Red Tweny

All of the artwork on this page has been created by Red Tweny who is our November Editor's Pick Artist

Please feel free to email Red at: redtweny@gmail.com

red tweny

cut rose


horizontal wound

black mirror

cat in the sack


black waves

in a corner

off light

Red Tweny was born in Rome in 1964. He graduated in 1984 at the Mary Mount College in Rome. His pedagogic method, characterized by a humanistic philosophy of religion, gave a prominent role to the “spiritual nourishment” of creativity. His artistic talent was revealed early, encouraged by his mother who sent him to drawing lessons from an illustrator, within the same college.

He began to attend many collective exhibitions in Rome in search of new subjects in the Italian figuration. In 1985, helped by his artistic talents, Red began to work in advertising department of Eni, the Italian energy company, where during all the 90s he had the chance to know and work closely with the main advertising international agencies that influenced him, producing a style that mixed the direct advertising graphics style and the elements of classical and the surreal painting. In the 90s he uses also the technique of watercolor, then in 2000 he choose the black ink which helps to make his style and his subjects instantly recognizable.

His drawings are characterized by an exaggerated and mesmerizing use of black ink. His subjects produce a strong impressionist impact and are immediately recognizable among others. The meanings are not hidden but are brought out with simplicity and immediacy, without useless elements. His images are centered on lonely characters that writhe, tangled and dissolve in a vain attempt to give meaning to their existence.

Exclusive use of black and white gives a more edgy character to his subjects that are often suspended in the white space which seems to have been taken off the air. The feeling of lack of air increases the tension of the bodies gasping and convulsing in the empty space that supports them. The works of Red Tweny makes us realize the good with the bad, as it happens every day. It reminds us the continuous conflict and compromise that humans must manage throughout its existence.

You can see more of his work HERE

beauty spot

rolling eye