Dusty Davis

The June Selected Poet is Dusty Davis

Please feel free to email Dusty at: dustydavis21author@gmail.com



The memories fade so fast, I start to question if they were ever real.
These feelings I’ve hidden, I can no longer conceal.
I can’t hold onto this hate anymore. I’ve carried this burden for far too long.
It doesn’t matter anymore who was right or who was wrong.
Forgiveness is a choice I want to make.
To mend these wounds and heal this ache.
So let’s try to make these two halves become one.
Because there shouldn’t be a stronger bond than one between a father and a son.


Born into a family divided, like a broken heart.
You picked up and pieced together all the shattered parts.
Lost time I spent all alone.
Trapped in a house that was never a home.
I was down on my hands and knees, until you lifted me, made me stand.
Beside me you waited, from a boy to a man.
When shadows of doubt caused me to lose my faith.
You showed me how to believe and gave me strength.
I was lost and out of place, not knowing where I would land.
Your unwavering love consumed me, from a boy to a man.
Because of you, I believe in love and that dreams can come true.
This man I could be, you always knew.
Reaching out through the darkness, I will always find your hand.
Together forever, from a boy to a man.


His black eyes stare directly at me
My pain is all he sees
He is all around, he is everywhere I go
Every thought I think, he knows
He is coming back here
Looking for me. I am living in total fear
He knows who I am, he is waiting for me
My doors are locked and windows barred, I am no longer free
He hates me and he is here
I see his face when I look in the mirror


I can’t erase the bad times and my life I can’t clear.
The pain won’t leave me and I still can’t disappear.
Every time that you were near me, I pushed you away.
I should have let you stay.
I can’t change the past and I’m about to break.
The future I fear even though I’m awake.
Now I want you to look in the mirror and tell me what you see.
I know you can’t see into the future, but do you see me?
This is my life, a horrible dream.
When I wake up in a cold sweat you still can’t hear me scream.

Dusty Davis is an author of poetry and dark fiction living in East Liverpool, Ohio. He is a former professional wrestler and according to his wife, is obsessed with Batman. Readers can find Dusty’s work HERE