The Horror Zine
Blood on Paper
Denny E. Marshall

The July Featured Poet is

Denny E. Marshall

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Denny E Marshall


The end of the world came
It was total and complete
With no proof presented
We are all dead and gone
Fingers still attached to the notebook
Blood running down the pages
To color the final punctuation


The night creature
Already devoured the body
Now slicing up the brain
To make sandwiches
Chained to stone walls
Along with other victims
Shock and horror to see
Such moldy bread used


Woke up in a dark room
Cold cavern like cell
Packed with suffering
Half-alive moaning
Empty stares of the resigned
Food and water scarce

The turning key
Sounds a rattling warning
Soldiers assembly group
In chained line
Led out like cattle
Across a worn trail

Arriving at the destination
A large pyramid temple
Passing racks of row poles
Strung with skulls like beads
Rest of the corpses
Bounty for the crowds

Captured slaves and prisoners
Awaiting their turn
Led up stone stairs
Sent one by one
Up to a small group

Awaiting at the top
While next in line
Observing the event
See five men
Assembled by table
Made of stone
Covered in crimson red

One in robe and dress
Speaking in rhythm and chants
Pulling from a box
The sacred knife
While held by four
Blade plunged into chest

High priest removes heart
While still beating
Holding above his head
Speaking in prayer
One of many ceremonies
Of human sacrifice

Denny E. Marshall lives in the Midwest. While he has done art and poetry for a while, he just started writing haiku in 2010 and fiction in 2011. He has had art and poetry recently published. An example of this would be cover art for Unspoken Water 2 and poetry and interior art for Hungur #14. His fiction debut appeared in the June issue of Cover of Darkness.