Niloufar Behrooz

The February Editor's Pick Poet is Niloufar Behrooz

Please feel free to email Niloufar at: n.behrooz89@gmail.com



Inside his troubled eyes
He has worlds unknown to man
That colonize my soul.
And his voice
is glazed with tenderness
as he murmurs
melancholic melodies
to fleeting frozen faces
who pass him by
without a thread of


White icicles of hearts hanging
Dark shadows of us impending
Frail frames of happiness shaking
Delicate dreams falling, breaking

Lost in this everlasting fall
Pulled by our pride behind this wall
Too far to hear the distant call
Too cold and numb to move at all

Our eyes, globes of aspiration
Our hands, the sweetest vibration
But words flow with hesitation
We seek the fading sensation

The mist clouds over this damp air
A gentle breeze brushes your hair
In silence we prolong the stare
If only time could stop right there

We share sad farewells as we stand 
Burying love in this cold land
I let go of that precious hand
You softly say “Not as we planned... ”


Inside this chaos
of living
among the identical faces
I wiggle my way through
the flash forwarding mass.
The hollowness deep in their eyes
relentlessly stares at my soul.
Catching the next bus would be hard
but I store infinity
in my pocket.


We steal glances across the room
A secret smile, our souls consume
No one's aware of my chagrin
I hide you within like a sin 

A yearning, taboo desire 
A love forbidden, a fire 
I fight the flame, I hold it in
I must hide my love like a sin

It pains me to feel your presence 
To drink the air that’s your essence
We're drawn like magnets, yang and yin
But we must hide it like a sin

The heart wants what it cannot own
A truth universally known
When you want something you can't win
You have to hide it like a sin

Niloufar Behrooz holds a PhD in English Literature. She is a musician, night owl, and lecturer at the University of Isfahan, Iran. Her work has appeared in Raintown Review, Classical Poets SocietyLighten UpOnlineParodyLiterary HatchetLitroLoch Raven Review, World Haiku Review and elsewhere. Her most recent nonfiction will appear in an upcoming anthology.

You can find her on Instagram @niloufarbehrooz