Fadrian Bartley

The February Editor's Pick Poet is Fadrian Bartley

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Mandy slept soundly
upon her bed chamber,
Lost into dream works of the deep,
Out of the shadows
a swift wind enters through the window,
And disturbed the still curtains,
Twilight of the red moon
took form upon itself,
And chased the quiet place of her slumber,
The smoke took form
of the swift,
And descended upon her gentle breath,
But the silver cross that rest upon her breast,
Vanish the silence through waving curtains,
But until now Mandy sleeps,
from her astral plain not knowing the creeps,
That beset her realm in a sudden drift,
Was chased away by her mother’s gift.


Party of five
drunk in the blues,
cigar and beers
and room for two,

Prying eyes
with thirsty fangs,
danced with the rhythm
under the sweet melody of songs,

Dance the tango
harlots of the dead,
with enchanted beauty
for victims to be fed,

Devil's wore her bright
blue dress,
with poisonous charm
for a handsome guest,

Her sultry essence which
captured his eyes,
followed the dead girl to a room of disguise.
The cabaret vocalist

with deadly enchantment,
while victims screamed
from down the basement,
Melodies of the dead,

sweet harmony of the wicked
under the full moon,
blood rushes from a break out fight,

The dark has arrived,
for that which it need,
surprise, surprise,
the dead is here to feed.


Dark tale exists
with a beautiful home at the
end of the world,
where the grass seem to wither and the flowers faded,
Wrapped themselves around the picket fences and broken down walls.

The wind always blew heavily from outside,
and shook the old window frame,
and with a brush of whistle tone,
a mother and her child sighed
in tense relief as it reoccurs
in the norm.

But the occurrence mysteriously
happens once,
the frightened state of uncertainty
As the wall slowly cracked
within a trance as they both watche
blood protruded
from its cracks and strips of paint.

The hallway of silence
gave the reflection of an old Nun,
embraces herself with the ghastly appearance of a mysterious widow,
as the child watches,
it horrifies her,

Darkness embraces the presence
of the matriarch
lady of the house presented herself,
the defiler,
as they both steered into the eyes of the beholder.

One who dwells within this dreadful place
must avenge such evil of distasteful grace.
the child rushed into the back of the room
and saw an old woman threaded the loom,

As she walked slowly towards her presence,
the hem of her black skirt swiftly glided through an open door,
and from her bony fingers,
a rosary bounced against the door post
and scattered on the shiny floor,

The mother protecting her daughter
quickly slammed the door behind,
with a distant laughter,
in the moment her trembled hand
turned the Bible leaves,
a scripture read to expel and prevent,
and down to Sheol the unrest soul went.

Fadrian Bartley is a poet from Kingston Jamaica, he has contributed his work to the R.F.D magazine, issue #173 and issue #175 (both in 2018), and in The Horror Zine Magazine Spring 2019.

Fadrian is also a customer service representative and front desk agent, who oftentimes writes in his spare time at his window during the night.

He can be reached on Facebook page at Thepoetryhotel.