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Stephanie Smith

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Stephanie Smith


I took a stroll through the graveyard one night
Saw sorrow slung over tombstones
Lost dreams and heartache hung from trees
I saw mourning angels on bended knees

I saw moonlight and stars
Beneath the long, flowing skirt of midnight
Saw the dead rise in ecstatic splendor
With a gnawing hunger for flesh and gray matter

In that moment I could not run
But chose, then, to become one of them


This tongue has a tendency
to slip fear into your ear
to create a tale out of thin air
to cross the line
between the myth and the real
the mundane and the miraculous

These eyes lose focus
from time to time
A wandering mind
probing the subconscious
A little unstable
yet always able
to plant a nightmare in your brain


You carved letters in my arms
You wanted to invoke angels
but had to settle for demons
You were new to this netherworld
of nothingness
Awkward and careful
You painted symbols on my chest
to stop my beating heart
To make me a martyr
To start over with a fresh kill
To slit my eyelids when the
sun rose from behind the hills
We walked, hand in hand,
through the necropolis,
this vast wasteland
of dusty bones and broken dreams
I played your Lazarus
for the time being,
rising from the grave
when the moon hung bright
above the mausoleums,
kissing your mouth
with the stains of the deceased,
the sweet song of murder
dangling loosely from my lips
The only peace to be found:
the promise you’ll never leave me…
and the sound of a bloodcurdling scream


In the mirror lives
the girl with the lost gaze
forever trapped
in her self-made netherworld
where wild things run
through a forest of discontent
and the weak are slaughtered at will

She sits for ages
waiting to break the spell
to welcome you
into her nightmare
to shatter lives
with a single scream

Stephanie Smith is a poet and writer from Scranton, Pennsylvania. Her work has appeared in such publications as Pif Magazine, Everyday Poets, House of Horror, Niteblade, Not One of Us, and Decomp. Her first poetry chapbook, Dreams of Dali, is available from Flutter Press.

Dreams of Dali
































Dreams of Dali