The Horror Zine
Skeleton in Closet
Ashley N. Dioses

The December Featured Poet is

Ashley N. Dioses

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I am the skeleton in your closet,
The monster under your bed,
The evil twin in your debt,
The voices in your head.
I am the nightmare in your dream catcher,
The demon in your dreams,
The dark side of your pictures,
The heredity in your genes.
 I peek inside your thoughts,
And listen to your desires,
I find what you have sought,
That has burned like a fire.
I live deep inside your soul,
In the abyss of your mind,
I am black as the coal,
And your shadows left behind.
I am watching as you sleep,
As consciousness slips away,
I am there when you weep,
On the pillows were you lay.
You don’t believe in me,
You ignore my existence,
But you have to see,
That there is no resistance.
I am the darkness that holds,
The planets and stars,
Where the wishes of the world,
Are stored very far.
Every man, woman, and child,
Knows what I am,
I am your pain piled,
The curse that has damned.
You cannot kill me,
I will never die,
You can destroy a part of me,
But it’s not something you can rely.
I am not one thing,
I make up much,
Of what Hell may bring,
In one single clutch.
I don’t make deals,
I don’t take bribes,
I am very real,
And I will damage your pride.
I love to hear you snap,
I listen to the break,
I won’t take your crap,
I am not something you can shake.
I am everything wrong in your life,
All the insane and demented,
In your back I am the knife,
I am all that you created.


An open casket,
A grave unearthed,
A head in a basket,
A soul wanting rebirth.
The dead inside,
The pale shell,
Bones that lie,
Falling into Hell.
The dust that comes,
The pain erased,
The silent drums,
Of the hearts lost race.
A pale radiance illuminates the night,
From beneath the soil,
It glows so bright.
Tightly it coils,
It’s coffin so tight.
A pale moon among the darkened sky,
A daisy amongst the glade,
The waiting skeleton once withered and died,
A corpse rotting in a grave.

Ashley N. Dioses was born in Pomona, California on December 20, 1990.  With the fire of Sagittarius raging through her veins, she always had the flare and desire for the darker and thrilling things of life.  Though an avid martial artist on the outside, with around 6 years of training in two different styles, she needed something to satisfy the deep and creative urges of her mind.  Writing seemed to be the perfect solution.  With a little over a 100 dark and mystical poems written, she is currently writing a fantasy series that she hopes to get published in the near future.