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Bad Poet


Dancing there alone in the shadows,
my eyes started to ring and sting.
When I saw that it was the real you,
I wanted to cry and silently scream.

Then I barely realized with fright,
it was only a cracked mirror.
You were dancing in the background,
glaring at me and dancing nearer.

It was too dark to see,
what it was you held in your hand.
It was too late to stop,
by the time I realized what you had planned.

You get to have all that you want,
when you dance with me behind the Black Door.
A thorny rose with black pedals dripping in your blood,
the perfect gift I have been wishing for.


I'm here to serenade you with the letters,
written as you recently requested.
The fuzzy line between you and me,
just went quantum with what you be-quested.

I know it's that bad and I've been there myself,
many times before in another life full of strife.
The end is not the answer we're searching for now,
until fully experiencing the roller coaster of this life.

I know you were expecting only one for you,
mine must come as quite a pleasant surprise.
It wrote itself to the music as I wrote yours,
two little suicide notes dancing in reprise.

I know you won't do it because you're not through yet,
with yourself or me and so I can’t let you be.
I can't let you in good conscience end it this way;
writing the note that blames your pain on me.

Whatever the time that brings you to the very end,
it is going to be in the cradle of my arms or not at all.
If you end it with step off of this very steep cliff,
I'm going to catch you before the end of our fall.


You are now gone and not because of death,
once again I feel close to complete.
You left me with nothing but my last breath,
and the empty feeling of deplete.

The day has finally come to linger,
you are no longer part of my existing life.
When I think of you now I'll only remember,
the sickness and lonely, constant strife.

I should have known it was doomed to land,
when the desire too have you was gone.
You only wanted a golden stage upon to stand,
and my shoulders to place it square upon.

With you by my side I had never been so alone,
all of the way to the terrible very ends.
I've forgotten how to laugh, the feeling of stone,
to belong somewhere, anywhere, with good friends.

My emotions are mostly invisible now or in rear,
I can no longer imagine happiness as a station.
What I received in return was loss of everything dear,
and a very big bad reputation.

You will not be remembered as an ex-flame,
or the hand for which I was the glove.
You were just an artist I once tried to help,
and the shadow I twice tried to love.




After a successful ten year career as an Navy engineer, Bad Poet (otherwise known as Leo Madrid) worked as a consultant and sales engineer for the semi-conductor and telecommunications industry. He completed advanced management application training (Total Quality Management) in addition to earning a BA in Organizational Management in 1995 with St. Mary's College of California. He left the corporate culture to follow his passion and entered the art business as a sales consultant. His passion for excellence and love for the arts enabled his quick rise in the gallery world landing him a director position in one of the largest galleries in the country in just two years.

Over the following five years he would deal in the works of Pablo Picasso, Marc Chagall, Salvador Dali, Rembrandt, Andy Warhol and a myriad of historically important and contemporary artists. As one of the leading directors the gallery generated over $60 Million in sales in a 5 year period with over $1 Million in personal sales annually. While it was exciting dealing in the greats his true passion grew to be contemporary art and promoting the careers of living artists. Launching Gallery Culture in 2003 as a hobby, he provided free artist portfolio hosting and event listings, thus creating a national network of artists and contacts. In 2003 he produced a six-month bi-weekly mini series covering the San Francisco emerging arts community in addition to conducting countless interviews. In 2005 he curated his first museum exhibition that included the publication of the artist's catalogue reasonne and a documentary film.

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