Gordon Lewis

The August Editor's Pick Poet is Gordon Lewis

Please feel free to email Gordon at: gordiedean@gmail.com



The outbreak is spreading
Can you feel the disease?
We’re on our own
Falling to our knees

Covering our faces
Hoping to stay alive
A breeding ground
Where the virus can thrive

The general public
Gives into the fear
Misinformation spreads
Will we find the cure?

Quarantined on a cruise ship
Stranded out at sea
The mantra doesn’t ring true
No one is free


The nuanced voyage into the blue opaque ocean of booze where the sirens scream their cackled voices over the isles of idiosyncrasy
We’re all dissipating into the ambience of majestic magenta
Where the spires rise into the ceiling of the unknown deity
Where spells are cast among the stars
How the tantric tomb whispers a mantra of dreams
We’re devoid of the spiritual soul
But the hierophant was in the cards
Oh, the dystopia!
How it howls into our ears
Blessed be the dreamers
You are alive!
The scrolls speak of what has been and what is to come
Let us dissect this cruel beast…


Stuck in this mortal body
Hoping that it will suffice
Never stepping back to realize
We must pay the price

Death will come to all
But let us not fret
We will live on forever
Let us never forget

A soul that moves on
To the next dimension
To escape the reality
Of the mortal detention

Come now and be calm
Knowing that all is well
We cannot die and
Find ourselves in a dire hell

We are all one
Living in a cyclical phase
Trying to navigate through
This confusing maze


Smell the sulphur
Hades arrives
Cerberus barking maniacally
The legions unleashed
Damnation upon the earth
The horror of hell
At our doorstep
Can you awaken?
The doom is upon us
gnashing of teeth
on the river of styx
Do you have the key to eternity?
Wear the ankh
On the path to the beyond
Creatures lurking in corners
With daggers and crooked biters
Beasts of the underworld
Comfortable in their dwelling place
Flesh and blood, skin and bones

Gordon Lewis is a musician, photographer, artist and writer based out of Colorado Springs, Colorado. He has been interested in the creative arts since his youth and continues to follow his passion for creativity. He grew up in northern Minnesota on a cattle farm but later on went to pursue the arts in Minneapolis and later on attended college for music. 

Gordon enjoys the outdoors, going to live music performances and visiting art museums. He hopes to continue playing music, creating art, writing poetry and pursuing photography for the rest of his life.