Teresa Frazee

The August Featured Poet is Teresa Frazee

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Grant me the essence of your dark and light
And surely, all the truth society denies
I acknowledge the shadow you have cast
A sleepless old soul, eternal and wise

We met in infinity, as records show
To the shock of minions, their heads stuffed with hay
Even they agree our spirits entwined
Long, long ago, or was it yesterday?

Nothing to inhibit us for thousands of miles
Like sparks suspended upon the cusp of space
Without a word, we fully translate our thoughts
Such is the solace of our dwelling place

With an ambrosial scent of herbs known to heal
Over the horizon, under Gaia’s view
We hear earth’s sustained echo of beast and prey
Protected from common man and all they do

I know your heart truly and I could swear
Some spewed tales, tongue tied with human jealousy
Those who see through shrouds, on their hands and knees
Never had they known of such liberty

How welcoming our intellectual affliction
We fuse our wits, leaving stagnant senses behind
They, the destined, to sleep in a covered box of stone
For those, the scarcely curious, fear our kind

We speak of ourselves as rather gifted and divine
Which aptly seems accurate, if I may dare
Perhaps, that is looked upon with a condemning eye
But too much passion is the only sin we bare

If ever, we should cross each other’s way
Observe us as we drift past you, just let us go
But still, cannot fathom our perpetual love
Then, you did not learn a thing, you'll never know

For the rest, I leave to you your questioning
Of the words written down on this poets page
Surely, there’s no argument of our sovereignty
As ever, we shall preserve from age to age


Forgotten importances shatter like glass
Into the blank nothingness of uncertain moments
The dormant memories of those who failed us coil
Between fixation and profound indifference
Long after they hurt no more, those old ghosts
Lie in waiting and continue to monitor us
Grinding out the years, as those who've been led astray,
Living a facsimile of our own existence

How perplexing the past, with all its errors, still
Propagates imagery of impressions left behind
With their united power, the masters of deception
Watch for whenever we break the spell of passivity
As the close minded fall prey to their lack of under-
standing, obscuring their conception of the truth
Only persuasion on the part of reason could
Muzzle the self-serving language of hypocrisy

Loosening its entanglement of unfathomable thoughts
An entourage of disguised ignorance weakens
Those thoughts, still they try to sprinkle their poisons,
So sickeningly sweet, now no longer appetizing
Unlocked from its enslaving cold cage of confusion,
Clarity soon flows towards the light of purity
From the wasteland, finding its realm without pretense,
Unhampered by sentiment, truth came into being


Threw away the pedestal
A long time ago
In the pink dumpster
The one with the girly bow

That sugar and spice duo
Simply had to go
And everything nice
Was a definite no-no

Gone too is the dress
White as virgin snow
The one, thank heaven
 Little girls outgrow

I don’t tread softly
On a polished tiptoe
Among the pretty maids
 All in a row                  

To say age toughened me
Would be fairly apropos
I am so much more
Than youth’s apparent widow

I’m a three dimensional being
Not a painting by Rousseau
Or the mythical Muse
Who danced for Apollo

Things have changed
But not by wishing it so
Free from the gender prison
Just so you know

Teresa Ann Frazee has been a visual artist for over thirty years, with juried and international exhibitions including solo shows in galleries, museums and other venues, receiving many awards and honors. Teresa has also been pursuing her other love, writing.

Teresa has had her work exhibited in the following magazines and books: Literary House Review, Skyline Magazine, Poetry Shelter, The Horror Zine, Twice the Terror, The Horror Zine Anthology, Death Head Grin Magazine and Ebook Anthology, What Fears Become: The Horror Zine Anthology, Aphelion, My Word Wizard, Story Mania, The Original Van Gogh's Ear, 100 Thousand Poets for Change at World and Eye, Black Petals, Blood Moon Rising, Mused, The Creativity Webzine, Inner Sins, Twisted Sister Lit Mag, and Contributing Writer: Muse Magazine-Boca Raton Museum of Art.

Teresa is the founder and host of the Boca Raton Museum of Art, Artists’ Guild Poetry reading Series: Art & Literature, author of New City Souls Poetry Cabaret, Sebastian Kane performance, and One Act Play, Close to the Edgem, Incomplete Sentences and Off the Grid, One Act Play, Empty Closet Women’s Theater.

Inside her world of make-believe, she paints and writes what she knows to be true. Bound by the creative force, she leaves reality entirely up to you.