Bobby Cooper

All of the artwork on this page has been created by Bobby Cooper who is our October Editor's Pick Artist

Please feel free to contact Bobby at: bcooper0566@gmail.com



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Bobby Cooper has had many adventures. He lived in a tribe in the Amazon for 10 years, and walked the Camino de Santiago in Spain. He’s lived in caves and other holes in the wall for years. He has walked an innumerable amount of kilometers with a backpack and 50 dollars in his wallet in foreign countries, and almost died twice, contracting hepatitis, dysentery, and some other illnesses along the way. He’s been shot and stabbed, and robbed, which is a small part of the adventure, too. He prefers the 4th World (the world where indigenous peoples live) as his home most of the time, either in the jungle with his native kids or, meeting new cultures.

Bobby lives his artwork and never loses contact with it. At age 54, he’s tasted the cold sky and the hot stars, and reached inside himself to take lonely walks along the shores of his confusions and pains, delights and loves. That way we unfold, to wake up to being a Human that is recognizing its Being part: that which is covered by too much extreme and imbalance in the world, by an industrial civilization choking on itself.

His work is a huge mix of experiences and struggles, mostly internal, with the loving influence of the struggles and lifeways of indigenous peoples, and that of his children and his father specifically.

He uses black paper with colored pencil. The black paper entertains an opposite to the common white paper. It’s like bringing a light into the dark, rather than shadow into the light. The black paper is a mysterious cave, a haunted house, a killer clown under the bed, a flower discovered while walking at night, or a thick arm of stars in the sky.

Bobby sells his artwork on Redbubble as BCooperArt, an online marketplace for print-on-demand products based on user-submitted artwork.

You can see more of his art HERE and HERE