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Something on her mind

All of the artwork on this page has been created by Larkin, who is our May Editor's Pick

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Head of Medusa

Heavy metal Gaea and the prince of tomorrow

Of Man and Mantis Blue Moon Dreaming

Tiger Bomb Blues

We Ripped Our Minds Apart











Larkin holds an Associates Degree in Applied Sciences from Onondaga Community College in Syracuse, New York, where he graduated with honors in 1993. At OCC, he majored in illustration with a minor in figurative painting and drawing.

His early work is characterized by isolated nude figures in brightly colored, yet desolate interiors and landscapes. 
 In later years, his obsession with detail led him to create larger more complex works. He often represents combined biological forms to create new symbols and features small sculpture and fibers techniques in tandem with two-dimensional media. Elements of dark Surrealism and Victorian formality permeate Larkin’s recent work. 
Larkin’s work has been published in Cthulu Sex Magazine, Pentacle (UK), Greatest Uncommon Denominator, among many others. He is also featured in the book Imagine the Imagination: New Visions of Surrealism.

Now living in Washington state, Larkin shows throughout the Puget Sound region, nationally, and internationally.

Larkin has created two black and white pieces for the inside of this book, but he is also the creator of the artwork displayed on the back cover. Larkin and another Horror Zine artist, Bernard Dumaine, collaborated together for the piece titled We Ripped Our Minds Apart.

Larkin is the back cover artist for The Horror Zine's next anthology book, titled Twice the Terror: THE HORROR ZINE (Volume 2), which will be available soon.



Bird Liquor and the Boastful Ghost