Jeremiah Kauffman

All of the artwork on this page has been created by Jeremiah Kauffman who is our July Editor's Pick Artist

Please feel free to find out more about Jeremiah at: pernetrope11828jkart@outlook.com

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Jeremiah Kauffman was an Atlanta based illustrator, fine artist and writer. Born in 1979, he produced the majority of his work from 2000 to 2008. He was a student at the Georgia State University in the fine arts department. He later attended the university’s Graphic Design program.

Specializing in ink illustration, he created hundreds of drawings, digital designs, pencil sketches and acrylic paintings, as well as poetry, prose and published articles. He passed away in April. 2008.

“Jeremiah was a prolific artist. His eclectic work oozes wonder, humor, wit, humanity and mystery. Please visit his memorial, enjoy his work and help Jeremiah’s spirit soar. I can guarantee you will find something that you can take with you. Fly, Jeremiah, my friend!” By Dug Stanat, an artist on Deviant Art.

Jeremiah Kauffman: In His Own Words:
“Art for me is a serious hobby, but also something I would like to pursue professionally. I have tried to develop both an expressive” artistic” style and a more realistic, designer style. I rarely think in color- mostly lines and shapes. I’m attracted to lines. Different widths and thicknesses, lines built up to create textures. I get inspiration from abstract sources: shapes, lines, the textures created by ink and patterns- basically pure aesthetics. Everything  I do has a  touch of humor because I find it hard to take anything seriously, even though I’m a serious person. At it’s most primitive, my art comes out as basic designs with no cohesive realistic basis.

I could go about naming influences, but the truth is that I pay close attention to everything I look at. There are the famous names that people recognize who I admire, but there is such an enormous and diverse body of creative people in the present living world and in the past dead world that it won’t do justice to my influential make-up to attach my being to just a few people. Any kind of art- good or bad- is an influence.

My goal as an artist is some sort of interaction and, hopefully, At least a minor legacy. Each piece is to me like a beautiful jewel, and I collect—more like horde—them greedily. Unless my images are perfect in my own eyes, they are not worthy.  I can’t stand it when something comes out mediocre or bland.
But, as I say, my goal is interaction And I have only described the precious ones meant for myself. I like clean, perfect images because the world is overflowing with them- and I must compete. I like usefulness in art: story illustration, covers, web graphics, labels, logos,comics and so on. Art is not useful unless it is made with that intention. My heart lives in the Art Nouveau- when the commercial artist lived in a time of classical sentiment and ornamentation was important.
I do not want to go backwards, but I do not care for what is considered “hip.” It fades quickly. What the world will never cease to need is ideas which may not persist forever, but at least long enough for the continuation of life. Those who appeal to what is stylish and sells today will enjoy a certain kind of success which does not interest me. I admire Kafka, Tolkein and Escher: all consumed in their world and concerned with nothing but the act of creating. Success may revolve inconceivably around something insignificant, but the Human and his Evolution does not compare. The true artist creates an overwhelming and intimidating body of work in his life. It is a fullness that I believe to be the true thing and the real measure of respect. It is my wish that someday I will be able to profess this sentiment from the  position of proof through action rather than words; but even if this place is not meant for me, I cannot deny how I feel.”
Jeremiah Kauffman, November 2, 2003

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