Ilona Pankevica-Tozlu

All of the artwork on this page has been created by Ilona Pankevica-Tozlu who is our August Editor's Pick Artist

Please feel free to contact Ilona at: ilona.pankevich@gmail.com





breaking free




Ilona Pankevica-Tozlu is a Latvian surrealist artist based in Istanbul. She has always been fascinated by the beauty of people, therefore she was drawing and painting portraits since her childhood.

After living in Latvia for 22 years and completing her studies in design of interior and advertisement and later in philology, she traveled across Europe, moved to Poland and lived there for two years before she finally in 2011 decided to move to a more exotic country which happened to be Turkey.

During art college times, Ilona was participating in art and design related contests, took 3rd place in a national photography contest in 2005, and 3rd place in a national drawing contest in 2008. At the same time Ilona was working as a portraitist that is why her original artwork can be found in more than 30 homes in Latvia, Poland, Switzerland, Turkey and England. Over the years Ilona’s artwork has been changing both in style and vision together with her intellectual and emotional growth. Right now her art is influenced and inspired by people, nature, space, alternate universes, the color blue, but it was always centered around emotion.

In the next few years, Ilona is determined to develop a set of artworks that would be fully able to express her inside world, her vision of reality, play with the mind of an audience and create a unique and sophisticated atmosphere in a gallery hall. That is why she is constantly learning and trying new materials and techniques, she is not afraid to experiment while at the same time keeping to her personal style.

You can see more of her artwork HERE