Heather Landry

All of the artwork on this page has been created by Heather Landry who is our August Featured Artist

Please feel free to contact Heather at: iron_orkid@yahoo.com







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Heather Landry is an Indiana (USA)-based horror artist. Don't mind the washcloth, the last photo she had taken was from a day she was working through a headache.

She’s been an artist since she was consistently conscious, and remembers being serious about it from about age two. Heather was always trying to win art contests at school and her folks kept her well supplied with chalks and paints. After having kids of her own, she finally settled on digital art as her primary means of expression simply because it took up less space. She loves all methods though, from soft pastels to charcoal to ink to linoleum block prints.

Heather’s influences are the stories of Arthur Machen, Edgar Allan Poe, Manly Wade Wellman, and H.P. Lovecraft, the movies of John Carpenter (especially The Thing), eighties horror movies and young adult horror fiction from that period, the movies and short story collections of Alfred Hitchcock, medieval history and superstition, true crime mysteries, and murder ballads such as the Child Ballads. She also loves legends and stories from all cultures surrounding monsters, fabulous creatures, or beliefs about death.

Heather works full time as a graphic artist serving the funeral industry, so she is privileged to take on the personal clients and projects that interest me most. She's worked with musicians, magazines, writers, gaming companies, and many other wonderful people over the past two decades.

During the past year, she finally finished her first horror fantasy novel. It's called The Cradle of the Worm and you can read the beta version of it here. The novel follows both the lone survivor of an atrocity and a soldier playing a deadly game, and their parallel pursuit of the same enemy across the face of a swiftly deteriorating planet. It's in editing right now as she finishes the illustrations for the final version of the book. You can send your input about the beta version and keep track of publication notices for the final novel on her twitter, @sandpaperdaisy.

You can view Heather’s art gallery HERE