Chad Haskins

The September First Chosen Poet is Chad Haskins

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Momma is smiling
as we begin our familiar drive—
Boyfriend was good to Momma
and me.

Through the window,
houses and trees blurring,
memories stirring—
We saw him in cuffs on TV.

The judge gave his ex all his money;
so he gave her a bullet in the head.

Why these trips to see him Momma?
You cry all the way home.


I am his trophy,
and insurance...
Somebody help me!
It’s fucking twisted!

He is thirty years older,
a millionaire;
Ashton said she broke
up with that bastard—
obviously not.

She now says she is nothing
without him,
and can’t live without me...

So in their creepy basement
I fucking rot—
his engagement gift to her,
an abducted caged pet.

They are letting me send
this to keep my hopes up,
knowing nobody will
believe me.

Sadly, I still might
love her somehow—
Maybe that monster
brainwashed her.

They will get a laugh
reading this tonight,
then probably fuck,
excited by me—
their goddamn mental

Oh, here she comes.
Guess I will find out what
she thinks of this poem.


~I liked it, but my “pet”
didn’t make me happy after
letting me read this...
never turns out well for him.~

~Also, I had to delete a
few details which might
have helped someone find
him...He is a treasure!~


The closer you are,
the more I lead you away,
through sneaky false trails,
sending you over a cliff,
or into a spike filled pit...yet
secretly hoping you will persist
through dense brush and thorns,
dark frigid nights,
desert scorching days,
grenades landing nearby,
gun fire all around,
signs which say, “Turn back now,”
easier options everywhere,
with deep blue pools on your right,
cascading waterfalls on your left,
waking each morning,
expecting you to be gone,
hoping you read the note which said
you might find a monster at the end
of this journey,
because the farther you travel
straight ahead,
my hope and horror increases—
Will you ever leave me?
Please leave me.
Please stay.
I love you.
I hate you.
You still there?

Chad Haskins lives in Georgia. Chad enjoys reading crime fiction and horror stories. His writing can be found in a few places, including The 5-2, Coffin Bell Journal, Yellow Mama, Flash Fiction Offensive, The Cintron Review, and Golden Sparrow Literary Review.