Eliana Gradishar

The November Editor's Pick Poet is Eliana Gradishar

Please feel free to email Eliana at: ellepoetry@yahoo.com



My zombie baby muse
Bleeds music in the bayous
Of a skeletal ruse

Whippoorwill trills
Give asylums a thrill

Wait for the cries
As our melodies
Tighten passion’s noose
It’s that zombie baby juice

Together we free
Every cemetery song
Trust me it won’t take long
Come along, come along…come along


Sparrows cry in the light of his dying eyes
So I crack the skull of a grey sky
And bring my muse back to life

Waiting in a fog of pellets that blatantly blind
I hold a pomegranate-dotted heart
To offer him in kind

And when his fingertips part my lips
With the taste of tongue and tripe
My eyes fly wide open

Nostalgic is the sight
Dangle of blood sausage
Entwined with delight

We fight
Never sharing in vain
For precious gifts from the hunted
Are shamanistic game

Soon the Earth will fall slowly off our bare feet
We are satiated; in crimson dirt, complete


The moon bedevils the night
Dragging switchblade stars
Along the length of his sky

A sinister glow-stare
Fills the air
Tarnishing tree roots
That, like coiled garrotes
Retracting hearts,
Mark a trail of impassioned
Shadow cuts

These red ochre hues
Flock muses,
To raise a toast
Not to sorrowed sepulchers,
But to the freedom
Of imprisoned
Fallen angels


Volatile scrawl—
No leftovers tomorrow
When fit to cajole
The bones of the hollow

These claws want to rest in peace
But your petulant hiss
Blueprints new sacrilegious

Draw me closer
Distant bloodshed of a dream
Make my fucking insides scream

The signature steam left on the scene
Calibrates our passion’s defense        
Silence will not recompense

Echoes hellbent on a necessary violence






Eliana Gradishar is originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina and moved to New Orleans, Louisiana at the age of four. She is a cultural anthropologist academically and a social worker by profession. Her areas of interest explore cross-cultural spirituality and the plasticity of the human mind. Through poetry, Eliana Gradishar hopes to create a dialogue of intense emotion and thought. Her poems have been selected for display via a community project called St. Tammany Poetry on the Streets, and she recently participated in the Jane Austen Festival as part of a panel of other selected poets. Ms. Gradishar attends several writing groups, including Poets Alive and Inklings in Mandeville, Louisiana.