china mask
Emily Jones

The May Featured Poet is Emily Jones

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Snatched away from the dying light of pleasant dreams
An icy darkness takes hold and reality snaps her awake
Flashing images of the previous night haunt her mind
But the horrors can bleed no more pain from those red eyes
Taking a deep breath, she cocoons the truth in isolation
And buries the memory deep inside her frozen heart
After shaking herself ready to face the outside world
Ghostly smile perfectly painted on tender lips
She stares back at the china mask in the mirror
A glaring handprint branded across her face


Fingers lace through eternal chains that bind her to the tomb
While a ghostly choker holds the soul in place
Lingering by the open coffin, milky tears spill down like smoke in the wind
Hand passing through the lifeless skin infected with poison
Constant reminders of what she could have had haunt her still
Longings for peace overwhelm what mind she had left
As the bloody red sky turns to a bitter blue
She stares down the day as it unfolds into night
Trapped on this plane while her deceitful lover roams free


I lay in a prison of smoked screens
Wicked laughter echoing all around
As countless lies untangle and I see the light of day
Trust shatters like a million ugly mirror pieces
The depth of your true self finally revealed
The hands of time have dealt a cruel fate
But your innocence unravels its twisted charm
My bruised heart throbbing in disgust
A time to fall for your own cruelty draws near
For Karma always completes its cycle without remorse
Its lesson in damage forever to be branded in the mind


Rip his heart from his pale chest
Watch the light die from his eyes
Let his tainted veins run dry
Drowning in a sea of black blood
Salty tears cry over his body
But not a single drop leaves mine
For I do not indulge in sentiment
The emotional weakness that plagues our minds
I’m as dead as the bones that are laid to rest
Nothing but ice running through me
Standing and watching from behind a wall of glass
Purposely cut off from their pain and despair
I am alone and alone I shall stay
For no one is safe once they let someone in

A teacher’s lesson of similes and metaphors inspired Emily to write, her love of words and descriptions quickly transforming into poetry. She obtains inspiration from almost anywhere and when she has the urge to write, she grabs a notebook or opens up a new word document and her fingers start typing.  

Although she has a broad interest in most genres, her poetry tends to be dark. She would like to be recognized as an accomplished writer and perhaps publish a collection one day.