Jason Constantine Ford

The March Featured Poet is Jason Constantine Ford

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When a lie has quickly spread itself around
Minds already lost in depths of false belief
Regarding riches reaching heights profound,
A charm is stealing Wisdom like a thief.
Pocket after pocket is emptied to status dry
As people’s ears are fed with a callous lie
Of being given wealth no eye has seen
In a kingdom of pastures moist and green.

A charm in the form of a serpent’s head
Is placed upon an altar made of stone
As a line of followers are starting to tread
One by one on a carpet that makes them prone
To believing that a new kingdom has come
In a state where their intellects are numb.
Along this carpet, ignorance is walking straight
Across a set of minds that cannot grasp their fate.


Among a host of bones spread along the ground,
A set of drums is played by hands unseen
As people’s minds awaken to lies profound
Regarding a kingdom to which they have never been.

As a melody is emitted by the drums
Which gather strength from those already dead,
Each follower’s strength of will slowly succumbs
To a multitude of doubts that quickly spread.

A lie of wealth immense is now replaced
With news of their fate coming from a cloud of smoke.
All hopes of an earthly kingdom have been effaced
As they sense approaching death they cannot revoke.


Between the hands of a priest, a charm is held up high
As it is exposed to people who believe a lie
That a worldly kingdom exists with pleasures sweet.

People are gazing at the charm with their ears intent
Upon hearing lies designed to circumvent
Their minds on a slide down to ignorance complete.

From the mouth of a serpent’s head embroidered black,
The darkness from the underworld is coming back
As a host of words nurtured in the depths of deceit.

The charm is speaking to the crowd with a voice from hell
Requesting that they make a final farewell
To a society destined to become obsolete.

As the charm continues with a darkened voice,
It promises people that they will rejoice
At the sight of a kingdom not seen by human eyes.

With each passing moment, darkness becomes thick
Inside each mind as the charm is playing a trick
Upon people’s foolishness unto their demise.

Jason Constantine Ford is from Perth, Australia. He has over a hundred publications of poetry and fiction in various literary magazine, ezines and journals from around the world. Edgar Alan Poe and William Blake are his main influences for poetry. Phillip K. Dick is his main influence for fiction.