Emily Jones

The June Editor's Pick Poet is Emily Jones

Please feel free to email Emily at: emilyracheljones307@gmail.com

Emily Jones


The savage moon glares out of the sky
Refusing to weep for this unwanted solitude
The stars have all burned out
With flames as bright as snow
And black smoke rides the air triumphantly
Painting desperate faces below with misery
For no glow will conquer the skies tonight
Evil wins and trouble remains
For those lost souls
Who yearn and plead
To find their way home once again…


Sweet melody to the grave
I hold my sorrow in the strings I play
My heart is torn from my chest
And left to drift in the moonlit sky
The rocky ground where I stand
Drips wet from bottled tears once locked away
No stars shine down on this troubled beach
Even the moon hides her face in shame
I grieve in silence as my knees buckle
And crawl to the tombstone with longing arms
Return to me


Beauty walks solemnly through the woods
Heart heavy like the sinking rays of the sun
A gust of wind blows through the trees
Briefly lifting her veil from its misery
While cracked heels retraced the steps
Sorrow burning in her emerald eyes
Struggle grows as she climbs the hill
Lightly blushed petals drifting away
And her legs shake as she reaches the top
Raw images piling into her mind
Tears pour down as she falls to her knees
Tightly clutching his engraved promise
As she crawls across the muddy grass
Choked sobs drench the pale gown
Before the moon could shine her face
A familiar voice approached the stone
And held the maiden while she wept
Gentle whispers soothing their little girl
“Oh, Belle. We’ll get through this, I promise.”


Empty book of lost dreams
Nothing is ever what it seems
Buried under conscious
Suffocated with guilt
What is my true purpose, if not to suffer for every thought?
Crime is my nature, or so the outside world believes
Blood thirsty rival is what life throws at me
Choked by responsibilities and murdered by pain
Please help me end all this torture once and for all
Before I go insane…

A teacher’s lesson of similes and metaphors inspired Emily to write, her love of words and descriptions quickly transforming into poetry. She obtains inspiration from almost anywhere and when she has the urge to write, she grabs a notebook or opens up a new word document and her fingers start typing.  

Although she has a broad interest in most genres, her poetry tends to be dark. She would like to be recognized as an accomplished writer and perhaps publish a collection one day.