Ryan Griffin

The January Chosen Poet is Ryan Griffin

Please feel free to email Ryan at: griffincyde@gmail.com



Candles flicker in the growing cold.
  The streets are barren, growing old.
An eerie chime sounds from a bell,
   All alone, where the shadows swell.

The brilliant moon sits in the sky
   As luminescent clouds float by.
Dark specters escape from their hell,
   All alone, where the shadows swell.

Deafening silence engulfs the town,
   As falling leaves entrench the ground.
The wind then howls a fond farewell,
   All alone, where the shadows swell.

Along the path, creeping, crawling,
   Unseen, silent, and slowly falling.
All alone, there I dwell,
   All alone, where the shadows swell.


I can’t bear to go to sleep,
   I dread when mom turns out the light
Because they’re always watching,
   And waiting for me in the night.

They wait outside my window
   At all hours of the night.
As swift as wind, they come and go.
   They sure give me a fright.

They have eerie glowing eyes
   And grins from ear to ear.
And vary in their size
   With pointed tails upon their rears.

I think they want to steal me
   And getting closer everyday.
They watch me so intently,
   I fear they’ll get their way.

But when I try to tell my mom,
   She just won’t believe me so.
She’ll come in and turn the light on,
   And then of course, they never show!

She tells me not to worry.
   That’s easy for her to say,
But they come back in a hurry,
   Just as quickly as they went away.

They want to make me one of them.
   I’m sure that this is true.
But I don’t wanna be one of them.
   I’d much rather go to school.

I want to be left alone in bed
   And to get a good night’s sleep.
So I pull the covers over my head
   To shield from prying eyes that peek.

And sure enough as the wind does blow,
   I know tonight, I will not sleep,
For they’re right outside my window,
   Staring at me from the deep.


Poor Jacob Jones,
   He asked for loans
And then he met some mobsters.

   He missed some payments
And with arrangements
   Is now sleeping with the lobsters.

Ryan Griffin lives in a small town in central Pennsylvania. He enjoys reading, writing, astronomy, quantum physics, and all things dark. He is the author of “Autumn Shadows,” a dark poetry anthology which can be found on Amazon and is currently working on his next book.

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