Samael Apollos

The December Featured Poet is Samael Apollos

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The air crackles with residuals
Damp, moonlit, permanent and cold
A nearby stream echoes yesterday’s voices
The patient, the tragedy, the victim, the old
Shadows move, orbs of light dance and follow
Chills, scratches, hair-raising noises,
Only between two and four AM the electro magnetism peaks
The graveyard comes alive with the living trying to capture the essence of the dead.


Over the moon yet full of rage
Flip between the two over a couple of days
It will be all right even though it’s not
Splitting into two with one hemisphere always fighting to talk
Expressing love to her with adulations of hate
Adulations of love always arrive too late


Fight, flight, or freeze
Either way you lose
Huff, puff, or wheeze
Either way you’ll drop
Hate, love, or abstain
Either way you choose
Clarity, darkness, or haze
No matter how clear your sight
Vigorous, indolent, or malaise
No matter how you live
Joyful, vehemence, or apathetic
No matter how you express it
There will be a permanent goodnight


If there is only one
It won’t be yours
If there are only two
What happened to your friends?
If there are only three
I’ll be considering you next
If there are only four
You won’t be special
If there are any more

I’ll get bored

Samael Apollos currently resides in Phoenix, Arizona in a zone separating the haves from the have nots. Samael was born at 4:25 am on 9/14/77 in Delafield, Wisconsin. Samael has a penchant for writing short stories and poetry about dark topics including crime, death, the afterlife, the occult, and pure evil.

Samael is a 6th Grade history and English teacher by day and an advisor for the unidentified.org (@deathclues on Instagram) by night where he advocates for missing persons families and investigates cases involving the unidentified dead. A book is in the works regarding one of Samael’s pet cases.

When not writing or investigating you can find Samael enjoying whiskey, rock/metal, discussing the human experience, or hiking.