Robert Beveridge

The December Editor's Pick Poet is Robert Beveridge

Please feel free to email Robert at: xterminal@gmail.com



you once mentioned
you have a birthmark
and dared me
to find it
I’m still looking

I miss you


Our love tonight was darker than before
cried like sirens from threadbare carpets
of cheap motel rooms:
I love you like blood under moonlight.

I wait for you under the yellow light
caught like a butterfly in the cheap glow
of the stares of our friends:
I love you like strawberries bursting on tongues.

In daylight’s glare our love is darker still
exposed to those close to us, darkness encloses us,
shelters us both:
I love you like black sheets of daylight.


A pair of birds with feathers
the color of sapphires in the ocean
have built their nest
within the golden fleece of your hair

looking out
from this golden refuge I can see
a flush of cheek, an apple
covered with giving flesh

After the sun has gone down
and we have had a few drinks
I want to touch your cheek
caress you in the way you were meant to be caressed

yet I realize
that with these scrawny talons
my caress would leave
red teartracks on your crying cheek


the taste in my mouth

I think I dreamt of blood
last night

like an angel
in the sky
leading another man
one morning closer
to death

Robert Beveridge makes noise (xterminal.bandcamp.com) and writes poetry just outside Cleveland, Ohio. Recent/upcoming appearances are in Chiron Review, Zombie Logic Review, and The Literateur, among others.