D.L. Dioses

The December Featured Poet is D.L. Dioses

Please feel free to email D.L. at: danndio13@gmail.com



Through the sleet of the night,
I follow a ghostly light.
I weave and wander between the trees,
Wondering where the shine may lead.
It seems to sense my shy approach,
I fear its faceless reproach.
It overwhelms with a striking glow—
I see my blood in the snow…


The dark behind the door invites,
It whispers and it cries,
It wakes me from my gentle sleep
With promises and lies.

It wants new members to its clan,
To join it’s between realms.
A cabal of nightmare entities,
That provokes and overwhelms.

Its ranks seek souls by calm of night,
When the mind is awake to fear,
And worries build in the grey,
In this assault atmosphere.

If I fight the urge to investigate
The calls that hypnotize,
The dark will fail to recruit
And I’ll see a new sunrise…


My house once held a family,
Of a strict and moral vain,
Who did not acknowledge me,
Who rarely spoke my name.

I liked to read by candle light,
Incantations from strange books.
I kept potions and powders,
Hidden deep within a nook.

My family called me Witch
And other things profane.
They detested the smell of incense,
And the practice of legerdemain.

Years and years have passed and flowed,
Each family member did “depart,”
But never did I feel alone,
Nor did it appear to affect my heart.

I’ve grown old in this solitude,
But visitors do stop by.
Some visiting more than once,
Before they come to die.

So don’t overstay your welcome,
At my whim I let you dwell,
But disappoint me just a little bit,
And I’ll send you straight to Hell…

D.L. Dioses is a freelance writer and poet. He has contributed poems to the ezine Dark River Press.  He was included in the ebook Tales from the River, Volume 1.  He has also been included in previous editions of The Horror Zine.

He attributes his many shades of grey to his childhood fear of the dark and his curiosity of what lie in the shadows. D.L. continues to search for the truth behind the shadows along with the enjoyment of its mysteries. He has come to embrace all the monsters under the bed and the dark behind the door. D.L. enjoys hearing from those who seek to investigate the darker side of life.