Ioanna Tsiakalou

The April Chosen Poet is Ioanna Tsiakalou

Please feel free to email Ioanna at: ioanna_ianna@yahoo.gr



I don’t know where I’m heading to
And I don’t know what I do
I have lost my way for good
Long have tripped from where I stood.

But what’s so bad about the fallen?
Every beam of light was stolen
And instead of golden halo
In my head grows evil shadow.

Time by time my wings go black
And my heart does sink in dark…

Falling, drowning, slipping, sinking
Breaking, aching, barely breathing
Hurting in all imagined ways
I count the rest of my days.

Crawling, weeping, crying, screaming
I pray words that lost their meaning
I hug myself before the end
As the sky bleeds in red.

Time by time my wings go black
And my heart does sink in dark…


Dancing, singing in the mist
Almost wishing she was missed
While the winds blow biting cold
And her memories unfold.

Walking on her toes, all fair
Thinking of him in despair;
Her long lost love that she held once
And never more could meet by chance.

She’s asking daisies singing softly:
“So, my dears, is it me only?
Or someone else far from this land
Remembers me still, misses me sad?”

With daisies’ leaves and roses’ thorns
Mistletoes red and fairy thrones
Tiptoeing to the grass so green
She’s waiting in vain, for him to be seen.

Over and over, so far away,
Or maybe closer than we may,
She wonders answerless and unpleased,
Whether she is missed, or not missed.


No ballad can express my sorrow
No spells left to prevent tomorrow
No song can tame my endless sadness
No one can take away my madness.

Trying hard though it’s kind of late
Alas, I can’t control my fate
Norns are cruel; Fates are strong
Changing destiny’s said to be wrong.

Escape, I say, that’s what I’ll do
Go where I was not supposed to
Leave my road, leave no trace
Be forgotten, lost, in grace.

Find a shelter and stay hidden
‘Til my Fates forget what’s written
And then just write my own new fate
Untamed I’ll be, brand new and great.

And no gods will control me ever
I’ll be fine, that’ll be better
I’ll be free, free from pain
That’s only what I wish to gain.

I wonder not where this will take me
I don’t care, since I am free
And I care not if it will break me
I will leave now; I am free.

Ioanna Tsiakalou was born in Greece on a cold December night, thirty years ago. She studied Philology and Psychology at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens.

From a very young age she discovered her love for books. Her first writing attempt was when she was eight years old. She has a preference for fantasy novels and poetry.

Besides writing, another interest that fuels her being is dance. She loves classic belly dance and tribal fusion belly dance, which allows her to express herself as well as writing does. And when she finds free time, she always spends it in nature.

In 2014 she was rewarded by the Hellenic Amphictyony (Αμφικτυονία Ελληνισμού) at the Fourth Global Poetic Competition and in 2016 she received the first prize at the Greek literature competition “Larry Niven,” in the category “fantasy novelette.” In 2017, one of her short novels was included in a Greek, dark vampire short novel collection. Some other works of mine that have been published online are “Lizie’s Wishes” (Nyctophilia.gr), “The Wish Hunter” (moonlightaless.blogspot.com, easywriter.gr), “The Night Fairy and the Dream-Eating Monster” (easywriter.gr), “Chryssalis: The Legend of the Travelers” (easywriter.gr), and “The Angel of Dreams” (easywriter.gr).