horror bride
Dennis Bagwell

The April Editor's Pick Poet is Dennis Bagwell

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Poor Monster’s bride!
Resurrected from the dead by massive electrocution
Feeling faint and unsteady on her feet
That awful gown
Face all scarred
The worst bad hair day in history

And what’s in it for her?

No bride’s maids
An arranged marriage
By a deranged doctor
To a poorly dressed, hideous monster with a drinking problem and no manners
A smoker with an unreasonable aversion to fire and limited conversational skills
Not to mention he’s prone to occasional fits of murder and he expects her to live in his damp, moldy dungeon in wedded bliss
Naturally, she rejects his romantic advances and this unreasonable imposition on her pursuit of happiness
So he mumbles an incoherent threat and blows up the laboratory in a murder-suicide 10 minutes after he meets her
What a dick


The Invisible Man stood on his bathroom scale
To check the progress of his diet
His progress was good
But when he looked down
He still couldn’t see his feet


Zombie looks for work
To support his addiction
But no one will hire
Due to his affliction

With no verbal skills
His search is in vain
The only skills he has
Is eating human brains


Werewolf dons his suit and tie
And sits at his desk
With an audible sigh

He checks his Facebook
And listens to tunes
And “likes” any posts
About dogs or the moon

Dennis Bagwell is a politically incorrect, mad at the world, X Generation, heathen, musician, and writer from Orange County California. Dennis moved to North Georgia in 2007 and is quietly preparing for the inevitable zombie apocalypse.

He has been writing in one form or another since high school. His warped rantings and observations about the cesspool of a world in which we are surviving helps to keep his spiraling descent into madness at bay. 

Dennis has had his poetry published by The League of American Poets, The American Poets Society, The Horror Zine, 63Channels, Black Petals, Death Head Grin, Word Salad Poetry Magazine, Tree Killer Ink, Yellow Mama, blah, blah, blah!

When he’s not venting his anger on paper, he occasionally appears in history documentaries about the Revolutionary War time period as a re-enactor, usually killing other people (but just for pretend).