The Horror Zine
E. J. Tett

E.J. Tett is the April Featured Poet

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EJ Tett


I’d give you the moon if
only I had a ladder long enough.
I’d freeze time and age

while all around me stayed the same
just so I could admire you

My heart bleeds,
my soul aches,
I hurt

for you, I would die for you.
I would be a slave to you
if you’d let me.

I’d give you all the tea in China.
That’s what they say.
(But I know you don’t drink it.)

I’d kill for you.
Watch me.
I’d kill all who look at you.

Who dares to touch you.
Dead. So dead.


He sits in the boat and waits
like he has done for several years,
watching the water for the thing that he hates,
the thing that makes up all his fears.

The water’s surface ripples and moves,
he leans closer to see just a fish.
He sits back in his boat to take in the views
and hopes that he’ll soon get his wish.

He is terrified of the water
and the thing that lurks in the lake,
the monster that took his daughter,
when she wasn’t its to take.

Armed with a gun and a rusty blade,
he gathers all of his courage and will.
His hate for the creature won’t just fade
and so he readies himself for the kill.

Impatient now, he looks into the deep,
though all he can see is his eyes.
He thinks of her and begins to weep,
his tears fall fast from his eyes.

The waters move and shift once again
as something is happening at last,
he picks up his gun and counts to ten
to stop himself from acting too fast.

The monstrous beast erupts from the lake
and wraps tentacles right round his head.
He shoots and fights for his daughter’s sake
but alas soon he too is dead.  


Sitting in the corner there
It's waiting for me like that
Looking out with its evil stare
A spider the size of a cat

It’s fat and black and hairy too
With hundreds and thousands of eyes
I wish I only bloody knew
How the monster spider dies

I’ve tried to hit it with a stick
But it’s far too big for sure
I can’t even squash it, it’s not thick
It hides forever more
And in the darkness of the night
The monster spider comes out
It knows when I am sleeping, right
It knows when I can’t shout

Monster spider’s in my dream
I can’t escape it there
Fast asleep I cannot scream
It’s after me, I swear


Take one sharp stick
Some cactus needles
and a sheet of A4

(Paper cuts)

Get some PVA glue
Some string
And staples for added strength

(You’ll need a stapler)

Stick everything to the stick
Pointy ends outwards
And you’re done

(May require adult supervision)

E.J. Tett is the author of The Kingdom of Malinas, a young adult fantasy novel. She writes horror and fantasy and has been published in Debut Magazine, Apehlion, Earlyworks Press’s Old Magic in a New Age anthology, and is the co-author of Casting Shadows. She lives in Somerset, England, with her family.