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The Morbidly Fascinating Page

This Month's Subject: Celebrity Tombstones


Freaky Photoshop
Face Transplants
Permanent Halloween Costumes
A Real Haunted House
Famous Deaths
Post-Mortem Victorian Photography
Shrunken Heads
Lizzie Borden
The Bone Church
The Black Dahlia
Creepy Cemetery Statues
Funeral Hearses Throughout Time

Marilyn Monroe

Don Adams


Harvey Korman

Rick James

John Ritter

Bob Craine

Remember Captain Pike of the original Star Trek Pilot? His real name was Henry McKinnies, with the stage name of Jeffrey Hunter, who died of a cerebral hemorrhage (below).

Captain Pike















Jimi Hendrix

Jim Morrison

Johnny Ramone

Mel Blanc

Darrin McGavin

Merv Griffin

Rodney Dangerfield