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Jason Beam

All of the artwork on this page has been created by Jason Beam, who is our March Featured Artist

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Jason Beam

The Disappearance of Jamie Gray

Vincent Price

Death Angel of the Sleep

Bride of Frankenstein


For the past decade, Jason Beam has been working in the digital art medium, creating intricate illustrations through computer generated means. Combining photography, found objects and hand-drawn elements, his frenetic detail and unique style has established him as a prevailing artist in the digital medium. Jason Beam’s combination of surrealism and photography creates art that cannot be created in the darkroom or with software alone. The end result is a dreamlike environment that is strangely and captivatingly unique.

His work has found it's way into American galleries such as C-Pop in Detroit and Los Angeles (2009) and in conjunction with Les Barany's Carnivora Exhibit in selected cities around the United States, Echo in Chicago, IL, Galerie Luna in Salem, MA, Dark Secrets in Philadelphia, PA and as a Guest Artist at The Dirty Show Erotic Art Exhibit in Detroit in 2008 and 2009. His work graces the permanent collection in the Centre Jean D'Arc in Orleans, France - a museum dedicated to Saint Joan of Arc, as well as the Brothers Grimm museum in Germany.

Jason Beam's art has been highlighted in books, magazines, calendars, CDs and in feature films. His work is considered by some as dark, gothic or macabre, but regardless of definition, his art has made an impression amongst peers and audiences. His illustration and package design for clients and feature films have won a variety of awards for it's unique look and shelf appeal.

Jason Beam has finished working in the digital medium, and is now experimenting in oils at home since being back in Montana and doing some old school cruising in his 1968 Buick Riviera when weather permits.

Jekyll and Hyde

Carl Hill