The Horror Zine
Mid Mourning
David Whitlam

All of the artwork on this page has been created by David Whitlam, who is our June Editor's Pick

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David Whitlam
Mid Mourning Painted

Twisted Knot

Inspiration Cycle

Charming the Empty Vessel 1 Charming the Empty Vessel 2


David Whitlam is a surrealist artist from Manchester. The majority of his pictures start with sketches created directly from his imagination, using a technique know as automatic drawing. These spontaneous and largely unconscious doodles are gradually refined into more detailed compositions, which then form the basis for oil paintings or digital images. Religious and mythological symbolism resonates through much of his work, combined with everyday objects, human or animal body parts, and other more abstract forms. The result is images that often appear modern in context, but which reference folk art from a variety of different cultures.

In 2005, David joined the Vernon Mill Artists, one of the largest studio-based art groups in the UK, where he now works. The unique nature of David's work has led to it being published in various art books and online galleries. His paintings and prints have sold to collectors around the world.

Farming Myths

Prolonged Judgement

Descent of Sirrod