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First Victim
Beth Robinson

Beth Robinson specializes in creatively sculptured dolls.

All of the dolls on this page have been created by Beth Robinson, who is our February Selected Artist

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Beth Robinson


Katrina Dolls Charles

Crazy Ed

Night Terrors

Accident 1




Beth Robinson says about her dolls:

These odd dolls are not something you will find in a toy store. They are hardly something you would buy for a child. They are misproportioned, strangely dressed, and they have a story and character uniquely their own.

Each doll is entirely hand made using polymer clays, vintage fabrics, acrylic paint, and sometimes real human hair or teeth. Each piece is one of a kind.

Beth Robinson is a self-taught New England artist who has been making and selling hand made dolls since 2003. Although she found success with her oil paintings, her life was transformed when a friend introduced her to Japanese balljoint dolls at Pygmalian Galleries ( From that moment she realized that taking her characters off the canvas and turning them into little "people" would be the best way to express herself. She is now a prolific artist with collectors across the globe.

Robinson's dolls have been featured in the magazines: Art Doll Quarterly, SPIN, "Stuff" in the US, "Maxim UK" and "Maxim Hong Kong," "Rue Morgue" in Canada, and "Nokia CP" in Turkey, "RIP" in Russia, and "Nordic Vision" in Norway.

Her dolls have appeared in galleries throughout the USA as well as in England, The Netherlands and Germany. She is currently represented in the Netherlands by, in Berlin, London & NYC by Strychnin Gallery, and in Vermont by The Lazy Pear Gallery.

Broken Hearted

Halloween 3