Anja Rösgen (Mrs. White)

All of the photograpy on this page has been created by Mrs. White who is our February Editor's Pick Artist

Please feel free to email Mrs. White at: roesgen@alice.de


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Anja Rösgen (aka Mrs. White) lives in Solingen, Germany. She works as a librarian in the German National Library of Medicine in Cologne.

She loves making up creative stories and capturing them in her photos. She feels that the human aspect is the most important part of this. Her characters are often staged in deserted environments; faceless or surreally alienated. All of her live, she has been fascinated with stories that are gloomy and evoke feelings of loneliness and melancholy.

Concerning thematic areas, her focus is on concept and surreal photography. Every detail is meticulously planned, from the idea to the final picture: the right camera lens, the light setting, the place, the right angle and the appropriate props. A tripod and a remote release are indispensable as basic equipment for her work.

Mrs. White takes a lot of time for processing the image editing, creating it piece by piece, depending on how complex a composition is and how many elements she needs to assemble. All techniques are self-taught.

Even though she mostly poses herself for the photographs, she does not see herself in the pictures but fictional characters that she invented as part of her story. 

Mrs. White is inspired by different things. Sometimes it is an unusual place that makes her come up with a story which she then tells in a photo. Sometimes it is something as simple as a passage from a book that inspires her. It can also be a line from a song that moves her or a scene from a film.

You can see more of her work HERE